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I’d like to thank the gang at UA Press this week for sharing an excerpt from Miriam Davidson’s new book, The Beloved Border: Humanity and Hope in a Contested Land. Davidson’s book looks at how our troubled border circumstances were made worse during the Trump administration. In our excerpt this week, she talks with legendary ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan about potential plans to put solar panels on the border wall—an idea that didn’t get much traction during Trump’s time in the White House.

Elsewhere in the book this week: Staff reporter Christina Duran explains how the Delta wave is washing over Arizona; Jeremy Duda of the online Arizona Mirror tells us how the so-called “election audit” of Maricopa County was delayed this week because the Cyber Ninjas came down with COVID; The Skinny wonders why Gov. Doug Ducey seems to be transforming into the Hulk; Chow contributor Matt Russell gets a load of the loco burgers they are building at The Landing; movie critic Bob Grimm takes a tour of The Night House; managing editor Jeff Gardner gives a listen to a new synthesizer-based recording from Pollution Salute; Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott looks at a new UA study examining how nurses are using cannabis to handle the stress and pain that comes with their jobs; calendar editor Emily Dieckman lets you know about all the fun you can have, assuming you aren’t back in stay-at-home mode; sex columnist Dan Savage tells what you need to do to get a good spanking; and we’ve got all the usual fun stuff spread throughout the book.

Jim Nintzel, Executive Editor

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