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Pride in Pride

The past few years, I have to admit that I just wasn't that interested in Tucson's Pride festivities. I'd written about the organizing group's past issues with its leadership and lack of transparency, and watched as the LGBT community stood by while another group of people started a second parade.

All of it—from the celebration at the barren soccer field to the two Pride parades—felt odd and ridiculous. This year is different, and I hope many of us—LGBT and allies—are paying attention. This year, Pride needs and deserves your support. Several months ago, new leadership stepped in concerned of continuing financial issues and legal problems. There are wonderful changes as a result—the Pride event is back at Reid Park and there is only one parade. The fact that Tucson Pride, while still figuring out some financial and legal troubles, is at least in a better direction, fits well with our other Pride story looking at Wingspan and the programs brought into SAAF when the community center closed tow years ago. What a troubling time that was back in 2014. Congratulations to the LGBT community for continue to heal when Wingspan closed it's door, and congratulations to Tucson Pride. Good luck to the new board. I want to say we have your back, but I know that depends now on how many people decided Pride is worth revisiting and celebrating. I know Tucson's LGBT community is worth it.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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