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Last week I introduced you to our new staff writer María Inés Taracena, and reminded you that we did a prior introduction to our food and music writer Heather Hoch. This week, we end our latest round of introductions (yes, that's right, stay tuned), with our web editor Chelo Grubb.

The Pima Community College graduate and current ASU student was editor of the Aztec Press for two years. She's also a former Tucson Weekly intern and freelancer, who's written about PCC education issues, especially those related to the college's academic probation and new chancellor, as well as stories on LGBT issues and body acceptance. Grubb's work has been recognized at the Arizona Newspaper Association awards in the categories of community service/journalistic achievement, best newspaper online site, and best news feature story.

Right now, Grubb splits her time between the Weekly and the community newspaper side of our parent company. She's knee deep in learning about all things Google analytics, social media and keeping our blog and bloggers on task. Eventually, Tucson Weekly readers will see her byline in our deadtree edition, as Grubb continues to cover PCC, LGBT gender-related topics and pretty much anything that strikes her fancy. We're looking forward to all of it.

Have ideas to share with her? Email her at chelo@tucsonlocalmedia.com

What are you studying at ASU?

Mass Communications and Women and Gender Studies. I've been a journalism nerd since I was allowed on the Internet, so communications was an obvious choice. I added gender studies for two big reasons. For one, gender identity and expectations aren't things the media as a whole has been great with. Secondly, the feminist community is smart, strong-willed and absolutely hilarious. I always want to be a part of that.

What makes a good web editor? Patience, ability to deal with stupid reporters or perhaps a secret understanding of the matrix?

It's gotta be the matrix thing. There's a lot to keep track of while managing all these websites, and I'm still working out how to be in the right place at the perfect time. It takes balance, but I think my good buddy the soy latte and I can handle it.

You used to work at Bookmans? Is it as cool a place to work as we think it is?

It is the absolute best place to work. The people there are just as nice and weird and creative as they seem. I need to go give them hugs and cookies. Oh, and being surrounded by books all the time is pretty great, too.

Why the Tucson Weekly? What made you want to come back here to work full-time? You're crazy, right?

Do you hire people who aren't crazy? Tucson Weekly is by far my favorite local publication. I love that it's always changing, and I love that people care enough about the paper to get worried when those changes happen.

And also, why journalism? We are so picked on as of late, why go into this crazy business?

When I started interning with the Weekly, someone told me the paper only took interns to scare people away from the business. I've known journalism to be tough, but it feels like home. I have an unnatural love for board meetings, I enjoy taking time to craft narratives and sitting down with InDesign for nine consecutive hours sounds like a pretty good Tuesday night. Most of all, I love hearing people talk about the things they're passionate about. I think that's what journalism is at it's most compelling.

 Who would you want to interview more than anyone else in the world (alive or dead)?

There have been some pretty incredible people in the world, and frankly I love to listen to any one talk. I suppose if I was going to lock anyone in, it would be Malala Yousafzai. She's so incredible and I can only imagine what she'll accomplish as she gets older.

Mari Herreras, Managing Editor


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