DVD Roundup


The day before his wedding, a retired criminal finds himself on the hook for 20 kilos of stolen mob cocaine. No sooner than you can say "one last job," he has 24 hours to save his fiancée. Or not—there's plenty of coke-loving fish in the sea. (Music Box)

In the Blood

When her husband is kidnapped on their Caribbean honeymoon, a woman with mad MMA skills (Gina Carano) investigates the conspiracy and then beats the living hell out of those responsible (which inevitably includes Danny Trejo). (Anchor Bay)


In the remake of the '80s classic, a future Detroit policeman (Joel Kinnaman) gets shot up on the job and then reassembled by OmniCorp as the half-man/half-machine Robocop. Likewise, the dark humor has been replaced with better effects. (Sony)

Super Duper Alice Cooper

The combination documentary/rock opera (doc opera?) that tells the true-ish story of Alice Cooper through archival footage, animation, general depravity and chaos—like there's any other way to tell an Alice Cooper story. (Universal)

True Blood: Season 6

Louisiana declares war on vampires, Billith (Stephen Moyer) rises and Sookie (Anna Paquin) faces off against her parents' killer as Tru Blood and our patience with this nonsense begin to run low. Only one more season and it's over! (HBO)

More New DVD Releases

(June 3)

Bob's Burgers: Season 3, Christina Perry: The Journey, Copper: The Complete Series, Falling Skies: Season 3, Graceland: Season 1, Lone Survivor, Louie: Season 3, Luther: The Complete Series, The Motel Life, The New Normal: Season 1, Pretty Little Liars: Season 4, Workaholics: Season 4

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