DVD Roundup

Adventures in the Sin Bin

A shy teen virgin (Michael Seater) lends out his van, the "Sin Bin," to his pals for sex, all the while dreaming of being with Suzie (Emily Meade). Meanwhile, the director dreams of being Wes Anderson, and Jeff Garlin just hangs out. (Phase 4)

The Big C: Season 4

The final four hours of Laura Linney's Showtime cancer comedy, subtitled Hereafter, wherein Cathy (Linney) stares down death for the last time and decides that it's preferable to spending another minute with Oliver Platt. Oh, spoiler. (Sony)

Havana 57

A by-the-book cop (Juan Riedinger) falls for a mobster's dancer girl (Elisabetta Fantone) in 1957 Havana. Does she feel the same, or is she using him to flee the mob, or luring him into a trap? Also, was this entire movie filmed in Instagram? (Monarch)

Insidious Chapter 2

The Lamberts (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson) are still haunted by evil spirits, as well as a film studio bent on making at least another billion bucks. Not to be confused with The Conjuring, the director's other identical 2013 movie. (FilmDistrict; Dec. 24)

Una Noche

A Havana teen must choose between helping his wrongly-accused friend escape the country and reach Miami over 90 miles away across the ocean, and staying to protect his sister. This one was definitely filmed in Instagram. (IFC Films)

More New DVD Releases (Dec. 23)

Anastasia, The Berlin File, Caesar Must Die, Frontline: Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria, Help Me Darling, Humanity Has Declined: The Complete Collection, More Than Honey, WWE Survivor Series 2013

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