DVD Documentation

Local rock group Spacefish joins the digital-video revolution

Tucson's own Spacefish have been "plugging away" at their brand of crazy rock music for the last 15 years, in the words of guitarist Jim Vancza. With four studio records under their belt and a mature sense of their musicianship, the band decided to do something a little different before the release of their next record, something bigger bands with huge fanbases do all the time: record a concert and release it on DVD.

"We create these really elaborate studio albums," said Vancza, "None of them were particularly representative of our live show."

Explained drummer Bill Richardson: "The show has progressed to the point that it's so perfectly ridiculous that it has to be recorded. It's time to document the madness."

Over the years, Spacefish have developed their live shows to the point where their performances induce all kinds of strange events. According to Richardson, "You know there will be nudity. There will clearly be boobs. Someone will take off their shirt. We've done everything from smashing TVs to giving away frozen pig heads. And now you never know what's going to happen."

So, to capture the true live essence of the Spacefish experience, their show at Plush tonight, Thursday, March 4, will be filmed.

Then (since it really wouldn't be a DVD without it), "behind the scenes" stuff will be added to the production. Added Vancza, "We've been filming tour antics for 10 years," so who knows what else might be forever encoded into the digital realm?

Plans for the live DVD include releasing it along with their next record, and using for promotion, which makes perfect sense: If you're looking to book a live band, how do you really know what they'll be like unless you actually see them perform? Could this be the end of the days when all a band needed was just a simple four-track recorded demo to get their foot in the door?

"We're clearly on the cutting edge of promotional technology," said Richardson. "The new benchmark."

The show tonight promises to be Spacefish at their absolute best, with Demetri Enriquez on "the four-string thunder bass" and Nick Luca showcasing his "guitar god veracity."

Richardson assured that "nobody will leave disappointed." Richardson also added that he "cannot under any circumstances" reveal any special plans for the evening's performance.

"We want to show what we can actually do as a Tucson supergroup," explained Richardson.