Down One Fan

Every week, we post our "motto"—the hilarious, poignant and timely (?) phrase that we put on this page in every issue—on the Tucson Weekly Facebook page as our "status."

Last week's motto was: "Clutching our papers with fear and concern." We went to press before the injunction that blocked much of SB 1070 was announced, and since we're opposed to the law, the motto made sense.

The very first comment we received to the Facebook status was: "You just lost yourself a member."

This comment is not the first bit of rejection that we've received since SB 1070 was signed into law; in another example, a "fan" threatened to pull his advertising because of another post we made regarding the ill-advised immigration law.

Folks ... really? Has it come to the point where we can't disagree without storming off in a cloud of threats?

We definitely like to have fun here at Weekly World Central, and we certainly take (more than) our fair share of swipes at people with whom we disagree. But we make a point of always trying to include opposing viewpoints—by calling subjects of critical stories and asking them to respond, by running critical letters in the Mailbag, by letting our columnists have free reign, by allowing people with whom we disagree to have access to the Guest Commentary slot, etc.

In other words ... we've never demanded that everyone agree with us all the time. We ask that you don't, either. After all, what kind of world will this become if we decide that we won't at least tolerate those with whom we disagree?

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