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Yep. It's officially a big-time election year.

As I write this (on our Tuesday deadline day), the polls are open for Arizona's presidential preference primary. I voted this morning, and was approached by two petitioners--one on the way in, another on the way out--looking for signatures to get their candidates placed on the ballot.

By the time you read this, the primary will be history (literally). More than likely, John Kerry will have firmed up his frontrunner status; Joe Lieberman will be out of the race, or on his way out; and Howard Dean will be on the edge of relevance, thanks in part to the way the national media irrationally turned on him following his now-infamous Iowa scream.

And in a few short months (they all seem short these days, don't they?), the local candidates will start campaigning. We conscientious citizens will have to decide who to vote for in numerous races.

Of course, we'll be covering it all. But I have some advice: Don't just take our word for it.

Get involved. Read up on the candidates. If you really like a candidate, volunteer your time for him or her. And for crying out loud, vote when it comes time. You have no excuse not to vote: Just do it.

There's a lot of important stuff going on. Be a part of it.

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