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Re: “Fox News Latino Poll: Hispanics Souring on GOP Presidential Candidates

Mitt Romney will gain a lot of headway if the former government creates a point of the E-Verify issue? The American people are hard-up themselves, frustrated with the accumulative unfunded, unfair mandates forced up on them by the courts. Rick Santorum can also do himself a favor by pointing an accusing finger of this current administrations backdoor amnesty. Even Ron Paul or Gingrich could gain some momentum, if they satisfy the general public by building the real fence, closing down Sanctuary Cities, halting chain migration and turning the screw on all business, that complicate matters by hiring illegal workers. Both the "Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) and the Birthright Citizenship law (H.R.140) have amazing merits, as a national E-Verify will drive every American business owner to check their employment roster. Those worker who don't satisfy the combination of form I-9, ICE and Social Security Administration, better travel over to the latter agency, to be verified. Illegal aliens will stay well clear of any government entity. Those employers, who think they can cheat the system, eventually will be caught and harshly punished?


The Birthright Citizenship bill would end the automatic baby citizen racket, which has been going on for years. Mitt Romney has already spoken about E-Verify and if it’s mandated by Congress, then President Obama, Eric Holder and John Morton, will have a hard time repealing these bills. The American taxpayer is being soaked annually by these federal mandates and above all else, if all companies are compliant, illegal aliens will not risk getting detected and will prefer to leave forthwith. Congress can be blamed for this whitewashed immigration enforcement, when it’s not even a felony to enter America illegally? This seems very strange to me, that unlike other countries as with our neighbor Mexico, entry is a felony and you’re lucky if you can escape jail?

The “Birthright Citizenship” (H.R.140) Bill that needs every voters attention, as it is singularly the most expensive benefit, that citizens are forced to pay for unfunded mandates. It is purposely concealed that support for illegal aliens cost over $113 billion dollars a year by government and Liberal press editors. If you really want the facts about the illegal alien spread and many other problem that cause Americans unnecessary misery, then you need to view the uncensored pages, not suppressed by the far Left media at (Google) www.americanpatrol.com/ For information about the dishonesty in Washington and state congressional seats of power, check the web pages of the (Google) www.judicialwatch.org/

There is a burning urgency for all Americans to contemplate phoning or otherwise contacting Democrat, Republican Senators and House Congressmen at 202-224-3121 to inform them strongly you want both nationwide E-Verify and the citizenship bill passed.
The original fence(s) to be constructed as a double layer, parallel 15 foot steel and concrete barrier, with the interior fence of a steel lattice like exists in prison compounds, with a nasty topping of razor wire. The 2006 Secure fence act was discarded by both parties as to expensive, so instead there are now hundreds of miles is nothing, but a few strands of rusty barbed wire, which an inquisitive cow could get through.

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Posted by Dave Francis on 03/06/2012 at 3:53 PM

Re: “Jan Brewer, Getting Better at the TV Thing


Firstly American workers are suffering because of the unending flood of illegal aliens stealing jobs for decades. Now its cut-backs on health care for our most vulnerable--our Senior citizens. Our elderly population is under attack by the Joint Select committee of 12 prominent politicians from both sides of the chamber, which has the responsibility of reducing federal deficit by the November 23. Not getting into this insidious plan of why our politicians are so disposed to take away Health care to the American public, that’s even though they have paid into Social Security, since they began to work. Yet nonetheless the Congress is subsidizing the 20 million illegal alien’s access to Medicaid and in some cases Medicare? The Obama health law, enacted a new policy 18 months ago, to raid Medicare, towards funding new entitlements for low-income people, thus robbing our old inhabitants to spread the benefits, which includes the extreme poverty allowed into this sovereign country.

This contentious law reduces Medicare future funding by $575 billion over 10 years, and applying the majority of it of $10 Billion dollars to augment Medicaid enrollment and its entitlements. The Obamacare law transforms Medicaid from a provisional safety net to a permanent substitute. This absorbs private medical insurance to a mandatory equivalent. Therefore, Medicaid expenses will top $900 billion by 2020 of both federal and state subsidies, estimated to be the equivalent of Medicare. Less known is that in addition to expanding Medicaid, and opposite to the Obama administration guarantee, the new law allots billions of dollars to expand services chiefly for illegal aliens. This includes $11 billion for community health Clinics serving those not qualified for Medicaid. We have a growing, paramount occupation of the illegal invaders, who have been hired by criminal businesses countrywide. My question, without fear of contradiction why should senior’s health care be slashed to free up resources for persons, who have never paid anything into the fund?

This includes females who deliberately slip across our borders, or concealing that they are pregnant when arriving by international flights. That in itself covers around 300.000 annually, according to the Federation of American immigration Reform. Thay can immediately get free health care under false pretenses of an amendment that has been manipulated by Leftist judges. THESE INDIVIDUAL ILLEGAL FAMILIES ARE ALREADY CAUSING FINANCIAL ISSUES FOR AMERICAN FAMILIES IN REDUCING HEALTH CARE AND LOWERING OUR ONCE HIGH EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS, BY COURTS THAT ARE NOT FOLLOWING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. THE LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES THINKS WE OWE THE WORLD A LIVING. THESE ECONOMIC MIGRANTS AND ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO STEAL FROM US BY SEROIUSLY FAULTED POLICIES.

Exhibiting their incompetence the Department of IN-Justice strong-armed different states, using the court system to force their own policies of what they claim is unconstitutional police laws. Arizona was essentially the first state to feel the wrath of judicial branch, followed by Alabama and Georgia. Each sovereign state’s main objective is to stop the occupation of ECONOMIC illegal aliens causing a major disruption in its public entitlement to its citizens and lawful residents. In connivance with the Communist founded ACLU, business concerns and the usual open border organizations, plus church and unions was to prosecute these ailing states. Without any relevant interest in the taxpayers tax extortion of every states, the DOJ is determined it is now time to buckle on the sword of menace and turning their radical attention on South Carolina. All these threatening postures will be remembered next November, when the TEA PARTY votes in force. The Obama administration keeps quiet that fiscal costs of education for the children and free health care for illegal families, is a—UNFUNDED MANDATE ON THE 50 STATES.

Cuts to Medicare are not about reducing federal spending, but about redistributing healthcare. This is because we are importing more and more poverty, when we cannot support our own poor.

If we are to prevent this unfettered flow of desperate illegal nationals from other countries, we must bring to the floor of the house ‘The Legal Workforce Act’. Rep. Smiths MANDATORY E-Verify can and will finally turn the stream of illegal alien labor into trickle, turning of the faucet off for jobs eventually. Without the foundation of work, families will no longer be able to settle, unless they live completely on handouts from crippled welfare sources churches or charity. Removing the 8.5 million jobs from people who have no right to be here, will release those jobs, so American workers can pay their bills. Complicity between politicians and the business lobbyists, open border entities, have brought the United States to this dismal, hapless chaos we are surrounded by. E-Verify in its own way can regenerate jobs for lawful hires, and accomplishes uncountable self-deportations. The failure of Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty plan has brought tremendous bloodshed from illegal drunken drivers, hard core criminals brought here through unresponsiveness and corrupt lawmakers; many still sit in Washington.

Each far-sighted American can alter the financial direction we are heading, in the midst of Obama’s redistribution of what legal residents have worked for all their lives. Undertake to call legislators relating to ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ (Bill H.R. 2885.) Contact the WAYS & MEANS JUDICIAL COMMITTEE that can sponsor and expeditiously vote the law into reality. Don’t let this permanent law slip out of all Americans reach. Start a incessant bombardment of the House of Representative, beginning with majority Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH) to get his fellow House Representatives of their unenthusiastic posteriors and sponsor Bill H.R. 2885. You can study more about the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ at the NumbersUSA website, which additionally gives you the current immigration records a grade for all the candidates in the GOP race for president. You can also send a free-fax through NumbersUSA or just please call your House Representative at the Congressional Switchboard phone number, who will switch you to the appropriate office at 202-224-3121.

Obama’s clan will do anything to win in 2012, including ignoring illegal aliens voting in the election. This has happened multiple times before, with the ACORN organization using inappropriate registrations and forged absentee ballots. The Tea Party will be involved in watching for irregularities in the general election.

Posted by Dave Francis on 11/01/2011 at 12:29 PM

Re: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Always Charming Frank Antenori

As illegal foreign workers leave, owing to the E-Verify system being used by hundreds of thousands of honest business owners, it’s not surprisingly those jobs are being rapidly refilled by low income, blue and white collar unemployed Americans. Read the internet news of reports of lightening raids by ICE, which explains the sudden emergence of for ‘hire’ signs, as factories, plants, stores and construction are looking for legal job seekers. This is being persistently illustrated all throughout America, from the school janitor, roofers, manufacturing and across the occupational workforce. President Obama started a sound policy of deportations, but with the advisement from his Department of Justice attachment, there anti-America worker Liberal doctrines are now being observed through their attacks on different states. Currently the Democratic left is using an iron gauntlet against states, which will not be trodden down by judges and the courts.

Allowing foreign aliens to squat in this sovereign nation permanently without hindrance, is not what our law abiding country believes should happen. Obama’s administration has been corrupted by his Liberal czars such as Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Janet Napolitano and very strongly by Sen. Harry Reid, who nearly crippled E-Verify some years back. Since the stronger reappearance of E-Verify, Reid, and his cynic politicians has tried to weaken its influence, with the persistence of special interest lobbyists and radical open border organizations.

We must consider the consequences of not implementing the injection of the Lama Smith E-Verify program, the Legal Workforce Act, today and in the future. If the American people don't demand Mandatory E-Verify, millions more people from South of our border and by international flights, will take advantage of us. The E-Verify program is a simple, an easy operational program that anybody can operate from a computer. But there are many lies spewing from those who are gaining much profit by the dismantling of this application. Foreign nationals will arrive in droves eating away at our failing educational system, health care and every form of Medicaid and welfare assistance. Over 100 billion dollars annually are already spent on the 20 million and more already here, but this is not a static dollar figure; it is rising constantly? Ask the officials in Los Angeles County, California and Clarke County, Nevada of how much is bled from their diluted welfare systems. Most states are in an unparalleled financial mess, from these entitlement programs.

Call the Washington switchboard today and request the phone numbers of the House Ways and Means Committee on E-Verify Immigration program at 202-224-3121 insisting they vote for E-Verify the 'Legal Workforce Act' (H.R. 2885 bill.) You can also go to NumbersUSA website and be apprised of the current immigration situation, costs and rhetoric from the Liberal politicians and the unceasing pressure of the progressives and extremists. At the NumbersUSA site they have access to a free faxing system, so you can exclusively contact the reluctant lawmakers against E-Verify. In most cases it’s about money, greed and power. Mandatory E-Verify is a federal program, which nobody can get a waiver from once voted on. As Americans we can make a massive difference, on who comes to this country? People with high level degrees in technology, science and math, we should be given priority. Others with financial capital to invest should also receive priority visas.

Those who are looking for a handout, arriving from any country in the world should not be admitted. Since the 1986 Immigration mass amnesty, we have been importing poverty that is a fiscal nightmare for all of us. We also need field and agricultural worker, but not until the real double layer fence covers every inch of our border with Mexico and come here with legal authority, so they can be tracked. We need more 'boots on the ground' whether border agents of a permanent military presence, to interdict criminal from across our poorly constructed border barrier.

It’s evident to millions of Americans that the left side will be blinded, intentionally or not in the next election for President. Therefore, we need to scrutinize the integrity of our federal voting system, which must be overseen in every constituency. Absentee ballots are especially open to abuse and every effort must be accomplished to stop voter fraud and illegal aliens registering to vote. Violating our most sacred voting rights shows that the Democratic Party will stoop to any level, to gain the power by ignoring groups as ACORN and other innocuous new voter canvassing groups hunting for registration signatures; whether a new citizen or not?

Posted by Dave Francis on 10/24/2011 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Gargulinski


Pay Farm labor a decent living wage, with health care and education for their family, instead of dumping the illegal labor costs on the taxpayer. Then you will find people desperate for a job, any job will come forward to work the fields. Farmers and giant agricultural consortium’s have been underpaying illegal labor forever and along with all the special subsidies, the same as most business owners. It has been proofed that it only cost a few more cents to the consumer, for vegetable and fruit if labor for the agrarian community pay fair wages for the work done. My grandfather picked apples in Washington State as did other family members. To make ends meet after World War Two, my distant relatives in the English countryside, picked strawberries for the local farmers. Make it a national policy to implement the E-Verify bill (H.R. 2885), identifiable as the “Legal Workforce Act”. Contact your own local Senator or Representative and insist as a voter to your federal politician at 202-224-3121.

This is just not about the farmers; it’s about meat packing plants, factories and manufacturing. Of course they don’t want to employ regular Americans-legal residents. It’s about any company owner—big or small—who wants to pay as little as possible, with no restrictions on as little they want to pay, for a person’s labor. They have violated this ‘Rule of Law’ because there have been no restrictions on prohibitions to stop them, until Lamar Smith’s H.R. 2885. Special interest groups and the radical open border activists, are currently trying to kill the federal ‘Secure Communities’ initiative. Any individual that is apprehended by the police will have their fingerprints forwarded to ICE, Homeland Security and the FBI for processing. Police data-bases can quickly assess who has been previously arrested, whether he/she is an illegal alien or not.

Learn the facts about illegal alien costs, statistics and business corruption at NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and American Patrol. Make every Business, Company and workplace be committed to E-Verify or face harsh consequences. No business owner, no matter who he is, should think he is above the law. That also is a constant with political figures who own grape plantations in the bread basket of central California. This is not just for Farmers and agriculture but for every business owner, so that we can put every American worker in a job and stop catering to other counties impoverished. Go further and re-enact the "Bracero Project" of 1942 with rules and regulations, arranged so migrants from across the Southern border have easier access to specific jobs. The “Bracero Program” established why the plan proved immeasurably accepted among so many migrants, for whom seasonal labor in the US presented grand opportunities, despite some of the poor conditions they often were confronted with in the fields and camps.

Even under some poor situations they saved money, could buy consumer good, tools or an older vehicle, and returned home with new outlooks and a greater sense of self-respect.
In places as Mexico counselors studied these positive aspects of the economic and cultural effects of bracer project. If they are retained for employment the government must oversee they are treated correctly. They have to be issued a field workers visa that terminates at the end of harvesting and a mandatory return to their own country. Only through an employment office at entry ports can these people be hired and not through third parties or recruited by less than honest business enterprises. If they remain free of any major problems while employed in the U.S., they can renew their visas. As in Mexico—every person is tracked; all the farm and agricultural workers must be tracked, so they cannot decide to drop the job they are allocated to and disappear in the American job market. The "Bracero program" seemed to work very well, until it was dismantled in 1964. Through unfettered fraud millions of illegal aliens and their families have arrived here, after the 1986 Immigration Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)

Eventually there was an increasing apprehension among businesses owners that the provisions within the guide lines of the program ensured the amplification of costs for the imported labor. This fair program mandated an assured level of wages, housing, food and Health care for the workers (to be paid for by the employers) that kept the standard of living above what many from across the border. Farmers and their associated Agrarian colleagues realized they could elevate their profits, by enjoying the extremely hard work in the fields, by hiring illegal aliens who are now exploited. Agriculture didn’t want to pay for the health care or schooling for their children and other benefits, as in the orderly federal “Bracero program.” They prefer the Taxpayers carry the weight of costs for the labor that they hire. Farmers already receive huge subsidies from the U.S. Government. Simple fact the farmers and all the growers of produce got greedy, for even larger profits.

A new fair migrant worker program will never, ever be possible under the entrenched GOP establishment and many in the Democratic ranks. Illegal Immigration will never end under the elitists Republicans or Democrats who really run the House and Senate. Americans can join forces and stop the overcrowded classroom full of the children of illegal parents. Stop the suffocation in the emergency rooms from foreign nationals crowding the waiting areas. Self Deportation if parents can no longer steal jobs from citizens.
Many politicians have their own revenues in the illegal alien labor market. Only the TEA PARTY will stop the pollution that emanates from Washington and the Congress.

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Posted by Dave Francis on 10/05/2011 at 5:43 PM

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