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Re: “Ryan: No Action on Immigration Reform As Long As Obama Is President

The Democrats are absolutely unsympathetic to the American taxpayer, thinking that we have a responsibility to rescue every illegal alien from their dreary existence from every part of the world. Then ordain it and passing out a cornucopia of 'freebies', expecting they are obligated to vote illegally for a Leftists. Then we have the GOP higher echelon of legislators that they have no option but voting for a member who will succeed in importing more cheap labor. So each Political party has a predicament in this Catch 22 situation. Democrats want those illegal votes and will deliberately look the other way and Republicans are tightly knotted to their Special Interests. Both sides are committed to their Campaign contributors who are paying all the bills and must accept they have become the puppets of big and small businesses, corporate and industrial entities who never give pockets of dollars for nothing--they always want their pound of flesh?

Donald Trump has a different resume as he is completely isolated from the temptation to align himself with any money lender. He hands are clean of any blood money? Its sensational fact that this real estate developer has piles of his own loose cash and are able to wave away the lobbyists who have almost obscenely fused into the very chambers of the House and Senate, waiting in the hallway to pounce on their own campaign victim. Lobbyists have been haunting the Congressional buildings forever, and are have been produced from the retired politicians in Congress.

Whether or not we can amend Birthright citizenship, which overall is a giant cost to taxpayers and up to the courts? But the flow of non citizens can be staunched by rescinding the 'Optional' execution of the program and using the strict alternative MANDATORY E-Verify. Unauthorized labor will be taken into custody and deported,


When you see that California is overpopulated with illegal aliens, you know the vote is going to the Left's Hillary Clinton or Socialist Marxist Bernie Sanders in that particular state. The people who vote for these two people equally want all the things the Democratic Party can give them, which is a free walk through life, feeding off the backs of taxpayer's. Tell me who isn't going to vote for a Leftist who offers free healthcare, free education, low income housing, and many other programs, that was originally only obtained by US citizens. But King Obama and his loyal Imperial Court has changed through his executive orders immigration laws.

The pledge of building a giant wall has opened the eyes of the 92 million American seeking work; or required full time jobs. The wall can be easily being constructed with remuneration of Mexican funding, otherwise under Trump there will be giant consequences. Trump will induce extra tariffs from our Southern neighbor; not only products arriving across the border, but further penalties as punishment from not enforcing the demarcation line between THEM and US?

It's over a year before the presidential election, but is aware that your vote will count; I suspect towards a new beginning with Donald Trump or more of the same almost impenetrable execution of worthless bills perpetrated by the Hilary's or god help us the extreme Socialist ideology of Bernie Sanders. Both Madam Clinton and Sanders will certainly be on a spending spree of other people's money; then new layers of taxes to pay for it all.

Fortunately Trump is primarily going after the illegal alien invaders, but additionally after Corporate Welfare. Trump will take away the incentives for companies who move overseas by lowering the corporate tax rates to 15 percent. As a further deterrent Trump will place tariffs on goods from foreign nations that are imported into America free of any taxes, and which do not play by the free trade rules--such as China, Japan and of course Mexico. Until every country that is fully in compliance with the US, in an environment in which all businesses in a given market must follow the same rules and are given an equivalent ability to compete, which is not happening now. This means renegotiation's that will be handled with hard nose delegates who will not be treated as an abject fool, as the previous delegates assigned. Something like 2.5 Trillion dollars will be flowing back from countries, with thousands of jobs returning. Of course there will be profits to be made, but to a lesser degree by greedy mega corporate.


There will be a rebound in jobs and the only President can supply it is Donald Trump. He will also reignite the size of our military that foreign nations will be advised not to defy. Veterans will be treated with great respect and will never have to beg for treatment again. Trumps plan will end any poorly delivered medical treatment and the corruption will never ever again be seen or the humiliation on our sick and incapacitated soldiers.

Read these disturbing stories of the Obama Administration using their power to stop the legal process of removing illegal alien. Judicial Watch http://www.judicialwatch.org, is an attorney group that brings to light corruption in Washington and at the state level. Americans should be aware of the facts and not the lies from the Liberal leaning media or the pro-illegal immigration organizations.

Two disturbing cases highlight the serious problems with the nation’s immigration laws under the Obama administration; In one, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accused a local police department of racial profiling for arresting two previously deported illegal immigrants and turning them over to federal authorities for removal. In the other, the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged a public school district with discrimination for verifying the immigration status of its employees. Read the corruption files and understand the secret goings on behind the public's back.

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 11/04/2015 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Undocumented Parents Protest Block to Obama's DAPA Program on Day They Were Supposed to Start Applying

The American taxpayer cannot take any more pressure on our heavily strained job market and public safety net. As overtaxed citizens, demand that you, our representatives in Washington, State stand up for those who voted you into office and STOP the diversion of tax dollars to support illegal aliens.
It’s time for you to use the Congressional power of the purse to defund Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders. We urge you to take action now to stop all forms of amnesty. There is no legitimate right for the children of illegal aliens (anchor babies) to gain citizenship. It is a law based on the ‘emancipation of slaves’ after the Civil War.
Donald Trump, as a Presidential Candidate stated “I Would Build the Greatest Wall you have ever seen on the Mexican Border.” Trump cannot be bought like the Hillary Clintons and other politicians, who must be provided patron money to survive. Trump doesn’t need ‘Super Pacs’ money that wealthy donors use to bribe our politicians.

Donald Trump has the guts to stop the jobs going to China, Mexico and other countries. He said that he believes in ‘Free Trade’ but he would charge 35% tariffs to anybody importing products into America. It would be his obligation to lower the corporate tax, so that companies building outside of America would return to manufacture their goods in America. Trump has a tough spine and cannot be bribed by special interests and other foreign benefactors and would reject any issue, which this President and his minions have navigated against the American Economy. He is not beholding to the lobbyists and can stop them from ripping of the country apart. He would stop the ultra Liberal zealots from changing our nation, into something Americans could not recognize.

Are you in search of the uninhibited truth and not the lies or propaganda from the GOP establishment or the Democrats? Then click on www.judicialwatch.org and www.oann.com. This is unbiased review of legal, non-profit foundation that blatantly tells you the facts about corruption in Federal, state and local government. In many instances this administration and Congress ‘believe they are above the law’. Judicial Watch carefully examines the law and will take them to court to be held accountable for unlawful activity against this nation? The American News network, a 7/24 cable broadcast offers world wide news, and not the prejudiced, partisan news that has strong commitment to either Democrats, liberal or even the Republican elitists.

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 05/22/2015 at 4:13 PM

Re: “Federal Judge in Texas Temporarily Blocks Obama's Immigration Actions; What'll Happen to Tucson Sanctuary Cases?

The Tea Party and true Conservatives has welcomed Judge Hanen’s decision because it slows and perhaps may even stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive illegal alien amnesty. But the judge’s decision, brought about by principled conservative Attorney’s General and Governors, is a desperate substitute that we welcome only because GOP establishment in Congress have failed to do the job the Framers of the Constitution predicted for them. Any block to Obama’s illegal alien Amnesty, gives all Americans a chance to speak up and stand with the Tea Party against this unconstitutional law. Just like Sen. Harry Reid’s deliberate refusal to allow any vote on just about any bill that received house approval, any legislation on the illegal alien amnesty has been held in stasis.

While millions of our own people, citizens and legalized resident are seeking a decent job, fighting to survive and trying to feed their family this president illegally overshot his authority and opened the border wide, given access to criminals. Illegal aliens are criminals. People who overstay their visa and intentionally do not return home after it expires—they are criminals. Obama has split this great nation, with his radical Liberal elected official liars and corruption that has never seen the light of day before. His liberal Democratic backers are bleeding American dry of benefits and entitlements, grants meant for the people who have paid into the system. Not for illegal aliens fraudulently stealing child tax credits in the billions of dollars, or Obama’s IRS letting illegal aliens appropriate billions of more dollars in Earned Tax Credits through the theft of jobs.

The America we live in today is not the America I once knew? Everywhere I look I see the corrosion of American principles, the loss of individual freedom, the irrational fervor of the medical establishment and the tyranny of American government that is even spying on us. Our freedoms have been slowly eroding away, as this administration no longer listens to the people and gains its acceptance by massive amounts of freebies to foreigners and to the deadbeats, who are a virus on the taxpayers.

This is not the America I knew where surveillance efforts were focused on foreign enemies rather than domestic citizens, where a citizen is not threatened or intimidated by the ‘Politically Correct Police’ and free speech is becoming a thing of the past, where veterans were honored and prominent rather than condemned and medically neglected, that won World War II and beat back a tyrannical Nazi fascist government in the name of freedom and democracy. Today, the occupied American government has become the very same tyrannical fascist bully it once sought to defeat, where health insurance was affordable--and voluntary, where doctors could practice personalized, local medicine and weren't beholden to a stifling government system of mindless diagnosis and medication prescribing.

An America where television or radio news actually resembled the facts and wasn't just a White House propaganda racket disguised as news, where launching a conservative non-profit to educate people about the Bible or the Bill of Rights did not get you cruelly targeted by the IRS with penalizing audits, America where newly sworn-in government representatives didn't violate the Constitution the very next day after swearing allegiance to it, where members of Congress actually read legislation before passing it, where federal regulators used to limit the power of globalist corporations rather than conniving with them to develop their power over the People, where the US Attorney General wasn't a gun-running criminal thug who tried to cause gun aggression in America in order to destroy the Second Amendment,

Today we have an America where a masquerading ultra left Liberal President didn't believe he was a dictator and didn't use the overreach of his executive orders to dictate his illegal policies to the country bypassing Congress and implementing an illegal alien amnesty.

Where is the America where being thought of as a patriot was a insignia of honor, not an accusation of being a domestic terrorist, where people used to trade hard work for honest pay instead of merely voting for whatever politician promises them the most entitlement handouts, where your vote actually counted, and where elections weren't systematically rigged by electronic voting machines or where non-citizens are able to vote, as there is no need to show voter ID, where real truth-telling journalism was celebrated rather than condemned and awash with Marxist ideology, Most of all, I miss the America where good, honest, hard-working, truth-telling citizens didn't have to live in constant fear of being accused, arrested, imprisoned, fined or terrorized by their own government.

It is time for GOP hierarchy—not the Tea Party Republicans who fight against their own, to put an end to the destruction on American families that Obama’s cheap labor policy national impact or Obama’s call for voters, legal and unlawful. Get ready for battle. We need to march all over Washington. Plaster our messages all over the offices of our elected officials. Get in their faces. We urge you to call your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and demand that they vote to defund Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and protect American jobs for American workers. Do not suppress the pressure in fact increase it on Washington as it your nation, your employment and the shrinkage of your pay check.

So are you ready to help us stop this insanity that is costing taxpayers 538 billion dollars a year and end amnesty for illegal aliens once and for all—before the true and final destruction begins? You the American people, have ALL the power of your vote. If the Southern border stays open, with this President directives to overrun this country with foreign nationals the citizens will suffer dearly, including massive tax increases to financially support the 5 million already here and those waiting to escape poverty from around the world.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama issues 50-page calendar of Obama’s overreaching executive actions on immigration. Read Senator Sessions’ entire dated list here: at http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2015/02/16/

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 02/17/2015 at 8:52 PM

Re: “Feds to Start Accepting DACA Requests Under New Guidelines Mid-February



The peculiar Lies behind the Establishment GOP Border Bill
Rep. Mike McCaul border bill is another phony show vote that does not deport one illegal alien or even implement current law to build a fence to secure the southern border. Get the details here and then call your Representative and Senators and tell them you want real border security, not phony show votes, from the new Republican Majority.

Are House Republicans Starting To Get What Conservatives Call "Immigration Reform”?
here’s an ever so slight glimmer of hope that at least some Republicans in the House are starting to understand what real “reform” might look like, and it means closing, not opening the loopholes in the immigration system that Barack Obama has been using to allow millions of illegal aliens to stay in the United States.

Don’t be fooled by the respite Washington, thinking you can sit back patiently and do—nothing? We urge you to call your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and ask them to keep up the pressure on their state and federal lawmakers. CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS OR STAND ASIDE FOR AMERICAN PATRIOTS. Every time an illegal alien slips past our unsecured border, we, the taxpayer must support them. Learn more at NumbersUSA or Alipac on this toxic subject. If neither party will seal the border, than agriculture, big business and all the special interests should be forced to pay—not Taxpayers?

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 01/31/2015 at 7:09 PM

Re: “It's Official: AZ Can't Block DREAMers from Getting Driver's Licenses

I, think this is some serious information that needs to be spread throughout American public, is that we need to be apprehensive that what the GOP establishment has/is proposing is not the reality of this volatile subject of illegal alien amnesty. The Conservative HG editor George Rasley drafted this article and every citizen and legal resident should be committed to blast every state and federal politician through the main Washington switchboard at 1-866-220-0044, that they are being WATCHED, as the mainstream of the people, especially the taxpayers don’t trust either party. The majority of the US population offered Senate and House Republicans the chance to prove that they were FOR the will of the people and not Wall Street lobbyists and any special interest by overthrowing the pinnacle of Democratic power in the midterms.

A couple of weeks ago we said that the Capitol Hill Republican “leadership” plan to stop President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty was merely a ruse and that they would never actually fight to defund it in the Department of Homeland Security, let alone the rest of the federal government, where much of its implementation is already underway thanks to the “CRomnibus.”

That prediction was confirmed to us when Senator Mitch McConnell failed to quickly bring-up the House-passed bill to defund DHS amnesty-related operations.

At the Republican retreat in Hershey, Pennsylvania, McConnell told the members that he was committed totrying to get the legislation passed in the Senate but cautioned that "if we're unable to do that, then we'll let you know what comes next," according to Reuters.

“Trying” to pass a major bill, like defunding Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, is a little like “trying” to win the Super Bowl – the team that comes and “tries” loses and the team that comes to win, wins.

And “What comes next” was already in the works before the defund bill ever went to the House Floor, and that is the McCaul Border “Security” bill.

We put “Security” in quotes because it is a bill that provides no real border security and its only function appears to be attaching House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Michael McCaul’s (TX-10) name to a piece of legacy legislation.

“A border security bill should do what its name suggests and this thing– the McCaul bill– still leaves enforcement in President Obama’s hands,” principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Dave Brat said in a radio interview on The John Fredericks Show— a local Virginia radio program—on Thursday. “So is that where you want to leave authority? If you read through the bill, there’s no enforcement that really draws a stark line and does anything with folks crossing the border.”

Brat joined Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the newly appointed chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on immigration, in explaining that McCaul’s bill fails to secure the border.

According to Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, Brat says that McCaul’s measure is actually part of a bigger plan by some in the Republican Party who want to use it as a fig leaf that then allows them to push amnesty through Congress.

“The most troubling aspect is this Trojan horse thing,” Brat added according to Boyle’s reporting. “If you pass a bill called ‘border security,’ then the other side is going to say, ‘Hey, look, we already did it, we passed border security, so now it’s time for step two, which is amnesty– let everyone in, legalize them, because we now have a secure border.”

Brat has read the legislation—many members of Congress don’t read bills before voting on them either way—and specifically points out holes in the language that allow President Obama to continue his open borders immigration policy.

Brat said that the money McCaul wants to throw at the border without actually securing it—or stopping illegal immigration with real interior enforcement—is a “slush fund” for Obama’s open borders policies.

“If you read the bill carefully, there’s $10 billion in a slush fund to help the status quo do what it’s doing now,” Brat said.

“Just another simple thing: there is no mandatory E-Verify,” Brat told Matt Boyle. “That’s the key piece. It doesn’t shut down the spigot. All the incentives are still in place for folks to come here.”

Brat specifically nailed the Chamber of Commerce for backing such phony plans.

“Call up the Chamber of Commerce,” he implored listeners of the radio program according to Boyle. “They’re in favor of a lot of this cheap labor stuff going forward so have people call them to hold their feet to the fire a little bit to make sure that [the Chamber] understand[s] that they represent business, but they also represent the American people who own those businesses.”

“My job is to represent the American people, not special interests,” Brat added.

Rep. Brat is right of course.

What’s more there’s strong evidence that the Republican establishment’s Capitol Hill “leadership” never had any intention of fighting executive amnesty beyond Obama’s expected veto of a bill like the House-passed Department of Homeland Security funding bill.

In our article “Alabama Rep. Martha Roby’s Fake Bill To Defund Amnesty,” we quoted a December 26, 2014 article by The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler who quotes an anonymous “GOP committee aide” as saying that “a rollback of the executive action might initially be attached to the border bill but would have to eventually be stripped.”

“If the intent is to pass a bill I’d want this decoupled. Otherwise, it will be vetoed,” Meckler reported the staffer saying.

Here was our prediction for the ultimate outcome of Martha’s Roby’s HR 31 and the House Republican DHS defund bills.

Obama will veto the bill; Congress will pass another bill that does not have Roby’s language to defund the Department of Homeland Security amnesty plan, but has some border security measures in it -- that will be the McCaul bill.
Obama will sign the bill, but never implement the border security measures and America’s workers will get another poke in the eye from Martha Roby and Washington DC’s Republican establishment.

Rep. Dave Brat and Senator Jeff Sessions are right, the Trojan Horse is being built around the McCaul border “security” bill, and on orders from their US Chamber of Commerce puppetmasters, establishment Republicans like Mike McCaul, Martha Roby, Lynn Jenkins and Markwayne Mullin are getting ready to roll it inside the city walls to swamp America’s hard-pressed working families with millions of newly amnestied illegal alien workers.

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 01/23/2015 at 8:42 PM

Re: “The Skinny


The American people have been betrayed by the Republicans when the American people had placed unrivaled trust and loyalty, given to them an all out win against the Liberal-Democratic zealots in the midterm. Representatives passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill on Thursday evening that would fully fund Pres. Obama's executive amnesty. The vote came after a 6-hour recess while Leaders from both parties tried to gather enough support to pass the measure and prevent a government shutdown.

House Speaker John Boehner sent the following tweet moments after the bill passed, pledging to fight Obama's amnesty in the next Congress. However, without the leverage of a full spending bill there's little GOP Leaders can do to force Obama to sign a bill defunding his amnesty? Now Obama can process the paperwork for his unconstitutional amnesty. Giving Obama millions more dollars to grant an education, health care and settlement dollars for illegal aliens, with the skills necessary for them to reside in America and compete for jobs with American workers and their children.


As little as my citizen vote is in 2016 as an Independent, I will not vote for any President who will NOT rescind Obama’s Executive Orders immigration amnesty.

The main stream Republicans (RINO’s) have stayed in the background about the illegal immigrant invaders, but although the TEA PARTY are blatantly against Obama’s amnesty the career politicians in the GOP are quite happy to accept 5 million of illegal aliens to ransack the American welfare system with cheap labor to favor their wealthy donors, mega corporations, Wall St, Bankers, agricultural plantations and top of the list, the US Chamber of Commerce. NumbersUSA will grade the vote as a vote for amnesty. Then for the Liberal-Democrats millions of future votes.

Was this a carefully crafted deception from the beginning from the GOP?

The people need to keep bombarding Washington at contact phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: www.contactingthecongress.org. The TEA PARTY members are urged to pick-up the phone (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who are committed to jam the phone lines on Capitol Hill (also melt the phone lines in the Senate) with this simple message: If you funded amnesty, you own it? Now you have sold out to this President, we will be ready with a sharp scalpel to remove all corrupt politicians from office in 2016 who voted for his anti-American agenda.

NumbersUSA will grade the vote as a vote for amnesty.

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 12/12/2014 at 4:40 PM

Re: “The Skinny

President Obama believes that those who violate our laws on a daily basis should feel comfortable and safe, rather be fearful of being detained and deported. Who does he represent, the criminal or the taxpayer victims? Outside of breaking the law in the first place, large numbers commit crimes once arriving here. A multitude of illegal alien drunk drivers, mow down innocent Americans on our highways. The hundreds of thousands incarcerated within our prison system, which I suggest should be isolated on an island, not dissimilar to Australia’s Christmas Island compound? Why shouldn’t foreign nationals breaking our laws be looking over their shoulder, staying in the shadows, NOT admit they are criminals by applying for driver’s licenses. What happens in the future when honest government is back and those DMV records are used to prove they are here illegally—and they signed a document to admit it.

Once the Senate and House is back in the hands of an ethical and I hope a less corrupted government, taxpayers should demand that ALL illegal aliens legitimized by Obamas inept associates that ALL his executive orders are reversed and the data bases for illegally-sponsored drivers licensing, federal IRS special ITIN tax refund numbers are checked and state agencies, who conspired against the Rule of Law held accountable. Even Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) who refused to investigate Child Tax Credits, given the parents illegal aliens of over a. 4 Billion of dollars in reimbursements

“Obama said that in the “absence of congressional action,” he intends to “take action” to increase resources on the border, upgrade “how we process these cases and that we find a way to encourage legal immigration and give people some path so they can start paying taxes, pay a fine, and learn English.” He asserted that it is important that they not have to “look over their shoulder but be legal since they’ve been living here for quite some time.” If these so called penalties are anything like the lax processing after the 1986 Amnesty, then we really in serious trouble.

What part of illegal does this former attorney not understand? Is this corrupt administration going to secretly use the reorganization of ACORN to register--alive or dead people—felons, illegal aliens to vote in the midterms. Are the Liberal progressives going to bus their crowds from another county or a close state to vote illegally?

According to Texas rancher Cuban “Rusty” Monsees, Mexican drug cartel members are wreaking havoc on the ranches near the border and using death threats and textbook intimidation to drive ranchers off their land. Read the whole story on www.teaparty.org

In an interview with Oathkeepers, Monsees revealed:
“We get kids. We get adults. The cartel is bringing across, importing people from as far away as the Mediterranean. I’ve talked to agents and they picked up some characters from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria… anything that you can think of these agents has to deal with.”
It gets worse: in the same in interview, Rob, an Oathkeeper who has come to help protect Rusty and his ranch from the invaders, claimed that Border Patrol has captured wanted terrorists, but have been unable to release that information to the vulnerable public. Rob explained,
“[They] had six Middle Eastern males on Rusty’s property [which Border Patrol was able to catch] … all I know is they were Muslim. I wasn’t told a whole lot of information about it. I do know they had told me they had caught eleven of the same group, the week prior to that, that had been on our United States terrorist wanted list [for acts against the United States] – not watch, but wanted list. And this is the kind of stuff that they are not releasing to the public; they’re not allowed to release it.”
Rob continued,
“They were caught and they were turned over to Homeland Security, and everything pretty much disappeared like what Rusty was saying. None of that is any public information or anything like that, so they don’t want it to be public. [The BP is not allowed to tell anyone that known terrorists are coming across the border]. They aren’t allowed to speak about it. The only thing we [the American public] hear about is women and kids… and when they make huge drug busts, which are what we hear about. We don’t hear about the gang-bangers coming across, we don’t hear about the terrorists coming across. We don’t hear about the violence going down on the border. I had a rancher call me last week, and begging for help on 15,000 acres. He had been moved off his ranch because he doesn’t feel safe with his family there. He’s been shot at and threatened. We don’t hear that [on the news].”

MOST DOMINANT ISSUE BEING AVOIDED: Refresh the 700 mile, 2006 Secure Fence Act and build the double layer fencing, complete with concertina razor wire. Hundreds of miles are vacant of any barrier. It was killed by prior Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas by adding a non-escapable amendment to the 2006 bill. Whereas giving complete control to Homeland Security, ruling out any funds to deliver the 700 miles of two fences, separated by an all weather track way. An in between no-mans land where illegal aliens would be caught and detained for immediate deportation. No wonder we are being invaded, without little or no deterrent. Enforcement Laws of US Border Patrol has been restrained by Obamas orders.

1) Secure our borders.
2) End amnesties.
3) Mandate E-Verify Or a National ID card
4) Abolish rewards for illegal aliens.
5) Toughen interior enforcement.
6) Amend birthright citizenship.
7) Conclude chain migration.
8) Purge refugee and visa fraud.
9) Eliminate unnecessary worker visas.
10) Remove visa lottery.
11) End visa overstays

All we have seen from this present Administration is laws being intentionally disregarded, undermined that have been the identified with the Rule of Law, our sovereignty and the US. What we have suffered under Obama is Constitution upheaval. Comprehensive Reform--Amnesty...IRS abuses...Obamacare...gun-grabbing...open borders...deliberate bypassing of Congress...Benghazi...fast and furious weapons to Mexico—cutting back on our military and the failure of National Security. America is a free country and we must fight back against these overreaching agencies. In California Governor Jerry Brown stated nearly 30% of CA Kids Illegal or ‘Don’t Speak English’

IF YOU ARE ANXIOUS ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY UNDER OBAMA IMPERIAL RULE AND HIS PAWNS check this site that has the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: www.contactingthecongress/ to stipulate an end to illegal immigration, the dismantling of our laws, sovereignty, citizen rights and even our military is being cut back, which we frantically need for protection against our enemies foreign an domestic. Illegal Immigration is rapidly becoming the top precedence for Americans, because they see its impact on the barren economy and lost jobs. Large corporations and big business are laying-off birthright, naturalized citizens and green card holders, making an avenue for lower paid illegal aliens. This is the number for the central switchboard for every member of Congress to address your objections at 800-224-3121.

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Posted by Dave Francis 1 on 09/11/2014 at 4:57 PM

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