Danehy: Tom Peers Into His Crystal Ball to See What Lies the Outrage Machine Will Churn Out in the Next Year

Okay, we get it.  

If you’re working a crappy job, sometimes you have to do crappy things to keep that paycheck coming. If you’re a mechanic in some shady garage, you have to swear that the customer needs a new air filter, otherwise the oil change will be useless. If you’re a butcher, you’ve got a callous on the side of your thumb from pressing on the scale. And if you’re a right-wing radio talk show host, you’ve got to keep the Outrage Machine churning, lest your audience of Angry White People takes a breath, looks around and realizes that America, while not perfect, is pretty damned great and maybe it would be okay to go on about their lives without being in a constant state of agitation.

As I have mentioned, I’m part of the problem because I listen to the venom spewers when I’m in my car. I once could convince myself that I was getting a fresh perspective on issues. Now, it’s just to see how vile and unhinged they have become.

I have real trouble listening to the morning guy because he has crossed a serious line. No matter how heated things would become in the past, there were always things that you should not ever call someone (including, but not limited to, traitor, rapist, and child abuser), unless it were verifiably true. But this guy, on a daily basis, uses the term child abusers to refer to educators who have devoted their entire adult lives to try to do what is best for their students.  

He and the morons who follow him—I think it’s Bray and Cluck because one is a jackass and the other is just…fowl—are part of this national clique that has sought to defame those in our society who are most deserving of praise (especially during this pandemic)—nurses, doctors, and teachers. And the worst part is that they build their current lies on their previous lies and then extrapolate their next lies from their current lies. And it seems to be accelerating at a pace never seen before.

You can look at what’s being said today and just know what’s coming. For example:


The Truth: A boondoggle from the very start, it was a waste of taxpayer money conducted by an inept and corrupt company that has since gone out of business in an attempt to keep from having to turn over records that could show that crimes have been committed in that sham “process.” And, oh yeah, they ended up finding even more votes for Joe Biden than before.

The Current Lie: It’s not over!!! Some guy says that he has proof that 200,000 mail-in ballots have problems with the signatures on the envelopes. 

The Lie One Month From Now: If they were mail-in ballots, they all had to have come from Democrats. That would turn that 10,000-vote Biden “victory” into (wait, let me get my calculator) a Trump win!

The Lie Six Months From Now: Those Cyber Ninja people who are facing criminal charges and prison terms were all Democrats. They hoodwinked State Senate President Karen Fann (who was too busy going after True White American Patriot Wendy Rogers) into letting them “count” the votes so they could claim a fake Biden victory.

The Lie One Year From Now: The pro-Biden “Fraudit” was perpetrated by Chinese Communists who had money to spend when they weren’t able to buy up all of Sedona.


The Truth: Masks are helpful. They’re not perfect. They’re not a cure, but they can cut down on the spread of the disease and offer protection for the wearer. More Truth: Those of us who actually understand science hate wearing masks just as much as you self-proclaimed patriots. Actually, we hate it more because we know that if y’all weren’t so selfish, we could have been done with the masks a lot sooner

The Current Lie: Masks aren’t helpful. They’re evil. They’re un-American. 

The Lie One Month From Now: There was never any reason to wear a mask. We were lied to by everyone except the people who weren’t lying and only we know why they are. 

The Lie Six Months From Now: We now know that the mask scandal was caused by Big Pharma. They wanted to make a quick billion by pushing masks while they took the time to make the vaccines…which don’t work.

The Lie One Year From Now: There never was a pandemic.


The vaccines will go down in history as one of the greatest scientific achievements ever. They have saved millions of lives and have kept many millions more from getting serious or even life-threatening cases of the virus. 

The Lie One Month From Now: I know a guy who got the shot with the microchips in it and it made him feel like Bill Gates. Just dweeby, but not smart at all.

The Lie Six Months From Now: They put something in Donald Trump’s vaccinations that made him turn around and try to encourage people to get the shots. 

The Lie One Year From Now: The aforementioned stuff they gave Emperor Trump made him do all those things that he’s on trial for in New York and Washington and Atlanta. It’ll come out in the trial(s). Also, there never was a pandemic.   

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