Danehy: Tom has a Range of Emotions this Thanksgiving


As written-word clichés go, this is the time of year for the appearance of schmaltzy recountings of things for which we are thankful. But, seeing how 2020 is the WORST YEAR EVER!, the thankful list is on the thin side.

• I am THANKFUL that my family is safe and healthy. I'm thankful that Joe Biden won the election, although I wish it had been by 10 million votes instead of "just" 6 million. I'm thankful that we have so many dedicated health-care professionals, teachers, and people who do the important things that keep the country going in these awful times. That's really about it. Meanwhile:

• I'm AGHAST at the number of people who voted for Donald Trump. I knew there were a whole lot of pissed-off white people who see themselves like Tea Leoni and Maximilian Schell at the end of "Deep Impact," standing on the shore, waiting for the 80-foot-high wave to crash over them. Only, in real life, the wave isn't water from the Atlantic, it's dark-skinned people from all over the world.

I'll say it again. I sincerely don't think that all Trump voters are racists (but all racists are Trump voters). That doesn't provide complete absolution, however. Walking out of the polling place, they should be made to wear a T-shirt that reads "I'm Not a Racist But I Just Voted For One."

• I'm PUZZLED by the relatively high number of Trump voters among Latinos (or, as some wish to be called, Tejanos) along the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Starr and Hidalgo counties by 60% and 40%, respectively. Biden won them by 5% and 17%, respectively.

I would never, ever make the mistake (that the Democratic Party apparently did) of expecting people to vote a certain way simply because of their skin color. But neither would I expect people who are getting hated on to vote for the guy doing the hating. These people have to know that if Donald Trump were to show up along the Rio Grande and see all those brown faces, he would want them to be on the other side of the river.

Latino men were much more likely to vote for Trump than were their female counterparts. Two of my more-enlightened Latino in-laws suggested that it might have had something to do with a variant strain of macho nonsense. Mi cuñado (brother-in-law) Jesse said that maybe some of those guys secretly wish that they could mistreat women the way Trump does without having to worry about being stabbed to death in their sleep.

• I'm CURIOUS as to how much they have to pay people to lie for a living. It's probably not a whole lot, just enough so that they can live in a place with bare walls so they don't ever have to look at themselves in the mirror. I can't say that I've never lied, but to do it for hours at a time, five days a week, for the bulk of one's adult life would eat away at my soul and I spent years listening to my mother (and Marvin Gaye) to build up my soul for the final accounting.

Of course, there are honest disagreements when nobody is lying, but there are also times when somebody is just flat-out being dishonest to prop up a false point.

The local morning-radio tRump-licker believes that all teachers are evil and lazy (and Democrats). He rants that teachers love the pandemic (the severity of which he downplays) because they can just stay at home and pretend to teach. This is ridiculous; every teacher I know is aching to get back in the classroom and they're working harder than ever in an effort to make remote learning effective.

Last week, this clown was hyping a letter that was sent by the head of a local hospital to the Pima County Health Department, urging an opening of all the schools. The talker made it sound as if the hospital guy was saying that the pandemic is no big deal and that there is little risk to opening the schools. In fact, it's the exact opposite. The hospital guy was saying that the pandemic is so bad (and rapidly getting worse) that the hospital is suffering from a manpower shortage as parents stay home with their kids while the number of cases soar. Shame on you.

• I'm really DISAPPOINTED that stores (but not Costco) are letting more and more people walk around without masks. Bosses offer feeble excuses about not wanting their employees to get into confrontations. If that's the case, then hire security guards to do it.

Businesses should always be looking long term. This would protect the employees' health (a vital concern) and help to put an end to the virus just a little bit sooner so we can get back to normal. This should be the easiest and smartest business decision ever.

• Donald Trump Jr., who always looks like an angry armpit, said that the virus would magically disappear the day after the election. Instead, it has exploded to new record levels and Don Jr. himself has come down with it. Idiot. However, I am HOPEFUL that he decides to pursue a political career, thereby providing a constant reminder of all that is wrong with his family and what used to be the Republican Party.

Please have a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving.

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