Danehy: It Is Time For Kyrsten Sinema To Go

Here are 10 reasons why Kyrsten Sinema must go away. In fact, the very concept of Kyrsten Sinema must go away. And she must go away now. Not next year or, God help us, in 2024, when we Arizonans who actually give a damn about our state and country find a primary candidate to knock the multi-colored crap out of her.

We can’t recall her. The Republicans in the Senate certainly won’t do anything to her. She’s their staunchest (and strangest) ally. We’re going to have to trick her. We should get President Biden to appoint her as Ambassador to Cotton Candy Land, where everything is pink and sweet and there are no mean people trying to figure out what is bouncing around in that hollow head of hers.

1. She’s freakin’ nuts! Now, I know that it’s crazy for a layperson such as myself to try to psychoanalyze somebody, but this one’s easy. Maybe she’s one of those high-functioning sociopaths that we see in the movies. Those things never end well. 

2. Her absurd fascination with the filibuster is allowing Senate Republicans to run out the clock on this vital legislative session (nothing will get done next year because it’s a midterm election year) while their counterparts in various state governments do all they can to make future elections for whites only, thus ensuring that America’s clear majority will be disenfranchised, ignored, and maybe even subjugated by tyrants who will do anything to cling to minority power for the next few years.

She’s like the basketball player standing in the lane on defense who watches somebody drive straight to the basket for a layup. When asked later why she didn’t help, she will say, “I had my man; she didn’t score.” When America turns into something that’s not America, how hollow will her words sound when she says, “I stood up for the filibuster, an outdated and horribly misused anachronism.”

3. She and her partner in gross incompetence, West Virgina Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, are content to fiddle while democracy burns. And it’s burning.

4. She’s the most embarrassing member of Congress from Arizona and that’s really saying something. You might figure that it’s Andy Biggs, who got up in front of God and everybody and put in the official Congressional record that he doesn’t know who won the presidential vote in Arizona in 2020. He does. They all do. It’s just that, between them, they don’t have the combined capacity of one testicle and therefore can’t bring themselves to utter the truth. Biggs’ justification for repeating the Big Lie: He claims that someone who worked at a polling station “had some concerns.”

Paul Gosar, who is openly racist and anti-Semitic, is worse than Andy Biggs. But at least we know where both of those talking rectums stand. They don’t pretend to care about democracy or fairness or skin that’s darker than Dolly Parton’s. They’re just really bad people doing really bad things for really bad reasons. But at least they don’t pretend to be something else.

Sinema pretends to be serious, but she’s a buffoon. 

5. Her backstory keeps changing. That’s a major red flag.

6. Forget about being the most embarrassing Arizona politician right now. She’s the most embarrassing EVER. Evan Mecham can now rest in peace, having passed on the mantle.

7. She’s like the idiot who has a bumper sticker that reads “I’m a maverick.” True mavericks would never feel the need to publicly self-identify. And neither do they ostentatiously attempt to prove it on a daily basis.

8. I know that it’s a matter of personal style (or complete lack thereof) and Lord knows no one will ever accuse me of being a slave to fashion, but I’m not a United States Senator, for goodness sake! How does she expect anybody to take her seriously when she shows up to work dressed like she spent the night on a park bench after being thrown out of the monster truck rally for being too obnoxious?

I completely understand that no man should EVER tell a woman how to dress, but she is in Washington doing a job for her constituents. She’s got to know that many of the knuckleheads with whom she must deal (at least partially) judge her by her appearance. If she wants to be taken seriously, maybe she can start by taking herself seriously.

9. We have no idea where she stands on anything. She doesn’t make statements, she doesn’t give interviews, she doesn’t do her damn job. It’s painfully obvious that what Kyrsten Sinema wants is for people to be obsessed with trying to figure out what Kyrsten Sinema wants. I’m firmly convinced that there’s no there, there.

10. She was elected under false pretenses. She caught the luckiest of breaks, running in a midterm year against a horribly flawed Republican candidate (Martha McSally) who had doomed her chances by tying herself to the worst president in United States history. (McSally would stupidly repeat that mistake in 2020, all the while being humiliated by Trump.)

I HATE that I voted for Sinema. She’s a fraud and a danger. Her political career is over. She can’t win in 2024. Republicans won’t vote for her because she’s not a Republican and Democrats won’t vote for her because she’s not a Democrat.

She should leave now before she can do any more harm. 

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