Dale Watson: The Truckin' Sessions: Vol. 2

In the tradition of Springsteen's paeans to the blue collar everyman, Dale Watson's new album, The Truckin' Sessions: Vol. 2, is a hearty, good-times tribute to working men and women—the ones who drive the big rigs.

Maybe you've seen his "Hollywood Hillbilly" video with Johnny Knoxville; maybe you're aware of his status among peers (Willie Nelson is one of his biggest fans). Perhaps you've caught a legendary "Chicken Shit Sunday" gig at Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin; you might know his honky-tonk history and lengthy discography (a dozen-plus full-lengths since 1995). With The Truckin' Sessions: Vol. 2, Watson firmly stakes his claim as one of the prime purveyors of "rig rock," adding lots of horsepower to the genre.

A decade after Watson's first truckin' collection, Volume 2 delivers another kick-ass set of signature originals, along with freshly recorded versions of past favorites including "Texas Boogie" and "Truckin' Man."

The perfect driving and/or dancing record, this rig rolls out with the up-tempo "Drag N Fly," which is guaranteed to warm up a honky-tonk dance floor just as sure as it'll have you watching your speed. "Truck Stop in LaGrange" will inspire your next road trip; "Truckin' Queen" (not about a hot babe driver) and "10-4" show the quirky side of Watson's consummate songwriting chops. Weighing in at 14 songs, this album will satisfy your craving for rig rock.

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