Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Local homeless-advocate Michele Ream walks the walk. She's let homeless people crash at her place. She uses social media to drum up support when she sees someone being mistreated.


Home is a Tenacious Heart

Terri Franco's camp is hidden in the leaves of the sprawling tamarisk. The tree, thriving at the bottom of a cavernous wash, is her home.

High-Flying Chicken

A Kentucky Fried Chicken Zinger sandwich will boldly go where no fast-food meal has gone before, on a World View Enterprises mission to the edge of Earth's atmosphere.

Editor's Note

Jim Nintzel becomes executive editor at the Weekly and praises the award-winning editorial staff.

Over Stepping Bounds

Border Patrol agents bust migrants seeking medical aid at No More Deaths desert camp

Police Dispatch

A show-me state of intoxication

The Skinny

Martha McSally faces opposition for her seat and independent Tucson City Council candidate Gary Watson faces candidacy challenge in court

Ask a Mexican!

When hipsters do something that's slightly outside the law yet an innovation over the old guard, they get a Series-C round of funding, Instagram influencers, and fawning media coverage. When Mexicans do it? We get code enforcement.


We're coming up on eight months since that awful November evening and the sting isn't going away.

Battle for the Bud

Yes, Jeff Sessions does want to take your medical marijuana away from you.

Farewell, Franzi

The Tucson community honors local legend Emil Franzi, who died June 7th.

Editor's Note

Executive editor Jim Nintzel bids a fond adieu to local radio star Emil Franzi, honors his father-in-law, and showcases the rest of the Weekly's offerings.

No Thanks, Trump

The Pima County Board of Supervisors and the Tucson City Council approved a joint resolution standing in opposition to the proposed border wall.

New Lease on Life

The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to extend and amend the contract with Banner Health and the Arizona Board of Regents to operate the former Kino Community Hospital June 6 in a 4-1 vote.

The Skinny

Honoring a father-in-law

Ask a Mexican!

Rural Mexicans treat their hens as they treat their women: as purveyors of breasts, eggs and little else.

Tucson Salvage

At the Chatterbox on a lonely Monday night in June in Tucson.

Reefer Round-Up

Marijuana benefits abound as new policy looms

Police Dispatch

Flashing failure

Police Dispatch

Wrong way walker

Editor's Note

A profile of paper artist Nick Georgiou

Desert Ordeal

Activists walk the punishing Migrant Trail

Sunny With a Chance of Rain

Arizona's economy continues to rise in recovery of the Great Recession, but as always with economic forecasts, not everything is optimistic.


Tom Wonders About Traffic, climate change and a weird embrace of stupidity from sitcoms to politics

The Skinny

A secret recording shows U.S. Rep. McSally has some concerns about reelection

Police Dispatch

A young University of Arizona student infatuated with his professor was not afraid to tell her about it despite her request that he stop.

Ask a Mexican!

Since gabachos hate truth nowadays, the prospect of amnesty long ago went the way of the Paris climate accords.

Paper Weight

The mind-bending depth and dimensions of Nick Georgiou's sculptures

Prime Time

There's something just a bit different about The Prime Leaf, a new dispensary recently opened at at 4220 E. Speedway Blvd.

Editor's Note

Wrapping up the Arizona Legislature session and what it means for Arizona residents

Summer Safari Nights

The Reid Park Zoo is putting its heaviest foot forward this Friday evening in the form of African elephants and southern white rhinos for another installment of its weekly Summer Safari Nights program.

A Final Vigil

The last gathering of the members of La Coalicion de Derechos Humanos in honor of migrants who have died crossing the border.

Fighting Abuse

The Emerge! Center Against Domestic Violence has a new message: Men can have a leading role in ending domestic abuse.

Police Dispatch

A bus driver was just trying to help some sorority girls have some good, clean fun when a young man invaded her vehicle and gave her a dirty show

A Big Stink

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, his wife, prominent lobbyist Jim Norton and utility owner George Johnson with conspiracy, bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud.

Angels & Demons

When was the last time a legislative round-up could include the phrase "schools and the poor were kinda, sorta winners" to describe a Legislative session?

High Costs

It seems the fears of recreational marijuana supporters who voted against Prop 205 have some merit, based on state's hoarding of cash.

Dust Devil

Grey pigeons fly low over the razor wire

Editor's Note

As the long Memorial Day weekend springboards us deep into summer, find some celluloid relief from the heat in our local cineplexes.

Police Dispatch

Not Quite Criminally Creepy

Crop Conundrum

Despite many technological innovations and the inclusion of robotic pickers for some crops, healthy field row edibles usually don't end up on a dinner plate without some stoop labor wielding lettuce knives.

Police Dispatch

A local driver and a bicyclist were chased around midtown at about 2 a.m. by someone throwing eggs out a car window

The Skinny

With deadline approaching, Republicans are having a tough time fielding candidates for the three Tucson City Council seats up for grabs this year.

Ask a Mexican!

I don't endorse this kind of hit-and-run behavior, but I'm telling that little anecdote so that the dumbasses who leave their cars in the middle of the street aren't too shocked when they find their '83 Buick Skylark in pieces...

Hemp Haters

Gov. Doug Ducey killed a bill that would have opened a new industry for Arizona farmers Monday, May 22.


I remember thinking about Putney Swope on Election Night. I wondered how many people had cast their ballots for Donald Trump, thinking that it was a one-off, screw-you vote.

Editor's Note

Cameras, Cancer, and Bears, oh my

Education Budgeting

Are you outraged at Governor Ducey's "education budget"? You should be

Momcologist Crusade

When he was just 18 months old, Jude was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He's since received two bone marrow transplants, underwent three immunotherapy clinical trials and has experienced three relapses, although he's now cancer-free.

Police Dispatch

A man in a stolen lab coat was caught spray-painting odd symbols and phrases throughout an underground tunnel, insisting he was doing it for a noble purpose

The Skinny

There's no excuse for threatening to shoot U.S. Rep. Martha McSally

Beyond the Pickup

Tucson CSA brings more than fresh local produce to Tucson by supplying support and community to its farmers and members

Smoke Sessions

You may have heard that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week called upon his army of federal prosecutors to pursue the "highest" charges possible against alleged drug offenders.

Ask a Mexican!

The easy answer is to presume that the city is muy racist, but it's also home to the largest Bosnian Serb population in the world outside of the Balkans-and most are Muslim.

Editor's Note

Surprise! Jim Nintzel is leading the Weekly for a little while.

Dust Devil

We'll have to save the world

The Skinny

Local Republicans join the Keep Tucson Shitty movement

Police Dispatch

A random male deviously snatched a ball from a pair of University of Arizona students playing catch and then—when the students realized he meant to steal their ball—offered them a handful of Jolly Ranchers candy as "payment" for it.

Police Dispatch

A University of Arizona student studying abroad was found fast asleep and nearly nude in his dorm's lobby.

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Gabacha: There's ambition, and then there's selfishness, and you, ingrata, are the definition of the latter.


Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of people who see health care as an us-against-them thing or as a limited commodity that can only be afforded by a fortunate few, like a fancy car or tickets to an Adele concert.

Gauging the Ganja

Although the black market still operates like a real market with supply, demand and equilibrium, there are certain benefits of buying something in a legal market.


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