DREAMers Deferred

DREAMers Deferred

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday, Sept. 5, that the Trump administration would be ending the DACA program.


Editor's Note

Our expanded coverage on the Trump administration's decision to end DACA.

Love Connection

Whitney Linscott's friends once bet her she couldn't get 1,000 Tinder matches in a single night.

Congressional Briefing

Q&A with Congressman Tom O'Halleran


I got something in the mail the other day that said that in a few years, I'll be eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

Dear Mexican

We're Mexicans in a racist society, after all, not Jesus pinche Christ. And even He cried on the cross.

Burned Out

More than half the country may be in trouble come October as an amendment protecting medical marijuana and its patients failed a committee vote earlier this month.

Police Dispatch

A man who'd allegedly urinated in public concocted a near-plausible story

Police Dispatch

When a man was accused stealing a can of Steel Reserve from a convenience store, he pointed the finger at someone else.

DREAMers and Dollars

The President's elimination of the DACA program last week impacts close to 40,000 young people in Arizona today.

In Congress' hands

Various bills have been sponsored to give the DREAMers legal status.

Editor's Note

In Trump's America, Joe Arpaio deserves mercy while the brown kids get rounded up.

LOCAL Heroes

Rotary LOCAL fulfills grant requests from teachers all over the city, from Marana to Vail, usually for around $500.

Children's Crusade

The roughly 800,000 participants in the DACA program are left wondering what's next.

Police Dispatch

A middle-aged woman wearing a bikini made a scene while buying cigarettes at a convenience store.

Police Dispatch

Someone turned in a fully loaded gun magazine discovered near Tucson's most beloved site for desert walks.

Ask a Mexican!

You're obviously some deluded wimp whose gabachos privilege blinds him to his supposed love's serious concerns.

Tucson Salvage

This guy and his partner Carol are the only humans visible within miles, on their own 13 acres.

What Goes Around...

AZ AG Mark Brnovich is accusing Insys of jeopardizing patient safety by lying to doctors, insurers and patients.

Editor's Note

Our Fall Arts Preview is here, yay! But we say goodbye to arts and music editor Brian Smith, sniff.

Big Bang

In a quiet, well-lit Dunbar home studio, a tiny new universe is about to make itself known.

Storm Warnings

Last week, a group of Tucsonans took aim at Sen. Jeff Flake, calling on the freshman senator to start taking climate change seriously.

Cool to Be Kind

Jeannette Maré gathered on Aug. 24, with local faith, government and community leaders to unveil a “Be Kind” mosaic in City Hall.

Ask a Mexican!


Police Dispatch

A man on meth embarrassingly failed to even start a car while trying to steal it.


In the past I have said that I don't gamble because I understand mathematics.

Huffed and Puffed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has run into some problems in his crusade against the marijuana industry.

New Sheriff in Town

A Q & A with new Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier

Editor's Note

Get on downtown Labor Day weekend for HOCO Fest, celebrating the joy of live music and events.

White Flight

A crowd showed up at Monday's Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting to tell Supervisor Ally Miller what they think of her latest controversy

Police Dispatch

A homeless man was spared arrest after reportedly exposing himself

Police Dispatch

A correctional officer wanting pizza at work was oddly defrauded through a hoax linked to a former inmate

The Skinny

U.S. Rep. McSally speaks out on Charlottesville, but critics say it’s too little, too late

Ask a Mexican!

Dear BITCHES: The familia that smushes into the front seat of a 1979 Ford F150 Supercab together, Reconquistas the United States together.

Dope Decisions

Fresh faces on campus may be facing fresh experiences on the marijuana front at house parties and in the dorms.

Your Indispensable Back-To-College Guide

Welcome to some tips about shit that matters for you back-to-schoolers, straight from three current Arizona Wildcats. Listen up to their advice and remember to work hard, play hard and do your homework.

Police Dispatch

A bloody, sunburned man was soon rescued after he was seen on a major street with his pants falling off, allegedly after a random assault.

Police Dispatch

Caught Blue-appendaged

Editor's Note

Welcome back, Wildcats

Hasty Tasting

Food is a necessity, but with the local launch of grocery delivery services Instacart and UberEATS (the food delivery branch of the popular ride service) last week, Tucson residents need not walk farther than the front door to get it.

The Skinny

Supervisor Miller finds a way to make the Charlottesville mess about her skin color

Paul Durham for City Council

We need to build on recent success with the best available leaders. Vote wisely, Ward 3. Vote for Paul Durham.

Ask a Mexican!

DEAR MUJER: Was I ever confused about my ethnic identity? Absolutely.


There are unsubstantiated reports of people claiming to have voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and then Donald Trump in 2016. I know, that whole Nibiru thing is more believable, but this myth won't go away. I heard some guy on the radio the other day actually make that claim.

Campus Clash

A legal fight over campus cannabis is lurching toward the Arizona Supreme Court

Triple Play

Ward 3's roughly 18,000 Democrats and 12,000 independent voters will choose between three candidates in the Aug. 29 primary

Equitable Solutions

At a community forum on equity, the Ward 3 primary candidates spoke to a full house

Window of Opportunity

In July, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded Pima County a $236,654 grant for the Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program

Editor's Note

McSally's new effort on healthcare plus a look at Ward 3's Democratic candidates before the August 29 primary.

A Needed Prescription

President Donald Trump has threatened to crash the individual marketplace by cutting off federal funding

Police Dispatch

Two people were apprehended on the edge of town possessing meth pipes but no meth, bullets but no guns.

Ask a Mexican!

WOW . . . Art Laboe in ¡Ask a Mexican! This column has finally hit its zenith—and since it's all downhill from here, Art, I'd like to dedicate "The Agony and the Ecstasy" to my sad girl, journalism.

A Certifiable Strategy

Get ready for the first of a new breed of teachers in Arizona's public schools this year.

Tucson Salvage

Any generalized comfort we felt before Donald Trump's arrival in office has been converted into painful awareness of everything around us.

Dead Letters

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent letters to governors of states with legal recreational marijuana


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