Higher Ground

Higher Ground

With marijuana markets blooming across the country, Tucson is no exception as three new dispensaries have opened in the past year.


Striking Oil

While smoking bud will likely never go out of style, the marijuana industry is quickly moving in the direction of extracts.

Sticking Around

For a tense 70 seconds, Thornydale Elementary was a goner.

Cannabis Bowl 2018

The results of our Cannabis Bowl 2018.

Editor's Note

It's pretty clear that weed is marching toward mainstream acceptance, no matter what U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says about it.

School Strife

The Red for Ed movement, which began in early March, is calling for a raise for educators and additional funding for schools.

Police Dispatch

A budding male-chauvinist bigwig insisted that doling out misogynistic insults to a female University of Arizona employee was his "right" as a paying student.

Police Dispatch

In a remarkably audacious convenience-store shoplifting incident, a man just kept topping himself in rude and unlawful behavior.

Tucson Salvage

We’d drive by The Bambi in the family car, and I thought it a bar where moms disrobed.

Guest Opinion

I have had the privilege of working in Tucson’s indigent-community mental-health system for 32 years.

Sister Assistance

The Southern Arizona Women's Foundation is raising awareness and money for issues affecting women and girls at its 25th annual luncheon, on April 18

A Matter Over Mind

The 25th annual Science of Consciousness Conference featured some of the brightest and most far-out minds on our planet discussing topics such as the evolution of language, the origin of life, psychedelics, metaphysics, artificial intelligence and much more.

Editor's Note

Tucson has an astonishing array of dynamic events for you to attend, so quit complaining there's nothing to do and get out there and have some fun!

Backpage Bust

Backpage.com was seized on April 6 by federal law enforcement. The website was shut down, and those who ran it were arrested.

Police Dispatch

During a confrontation with her apartment-complex manager, a paranoid tenant doled out quite a "tongue-lashing".

Police Dispatch

A Green Valley man's across-the-street neighbor had a creepy habit of photographing him and his wife-always with their elderly dog

The Skinny

Downtown Tucson scored a big win last week when Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation extending the life of the Rio Nuevo district for an extra decade.


I used to think that the only two people who knew everything were God and an eighth-grader. Now the list has grown by one.

Concentration Complication

The Arizona Department of Health Services has told some dispensaries to change the way they report concentrates in a way that would vastly impact the amount of medical marijuana patients can receive every two weeks.

Tucson Salvage

A story about a mixed martial arts fighter who made some serious mistakes in his life.

Editor's Note

This week we introduce a new political cartoon, plus a Tucson Salvage cover feature by Brian Smith on a local MMA fighter's road to redemption.

Class Struggle

About 45 people recently made their case for keeping the school open: educators, students, graduates, neighbors and even entire families.

Ride and Seek

After months of inquiries by The Chronicle of Social Change, it is unclear if Arizona is making good on the promise of the law's foster care provision.

Police Dispatch

A zealous, hyper-seeming man was found wandering the University of Arizona stadium on a "mission" nobody could figure out.

Police Dispatch

A large man carrying around some sinister stuff, like weapons and drugs, was arrested for stealing a variety of much more frivolous items.

The Skinny

In a tragic turn of affairs, hundreds of bits of legislation came to a sad end last week when the deadline passed for bills to be heard in committee.

On the Move

The eventual passage of two bills affecting Arizona's medical marijuana industry could spell out some good news and some bad news for the business.

Under the Gun

Joining over a million students and allies, in over 800 marches across the nation and the world, Tucsonans marched to demand legislation to reduce gun violence in the student-led March for Our Lives.

Ambiguous Amendments

With last month's school shooting triggering protests calling for action to prevent gun violence across the country, Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled his Safe Arizona Schools Plan

DC Update

Jim Nintzel's Q&A with Tom O'Halleran on the latest in Washington.

A Tucked-Away Treasure

The drive to Winkelman isn’t long or difficult—it’s about 60 miles up the 77 from downtown Tucson, but toward the end, it does involve a jaunt down a dusty, bumpy dirt road that has you feeling like you took a wrong turn somewhere.

Editor's Note

The late Thin White Duke might as well have been talking about the kids who led rallies across our nation to say: “Enough.”

Police Dispatch

Law enforcement found a suspiciously odd combination of mushrooms and, um, "cake" kept in the dorm room of two University of Arizona undergrads.

Police Dispatch

A hospital took in a man whose behavior was at first merely (very) strange and then turned frighteningly hostile.

The Skinny

Jim Nintzel on the education sales tax and Pima County's roadblock to fixing our deteriorating roads.


Ahh spring. Gotta get rid of those thoughts that keep bouncing around in one's head lest they metastasize and you turn into Bobby Fischer or something.

Persistent Protection

In the scramble for Congress to pull together a spending bill for the 2018 fiscal year, medical marijuana emerged as a precarious winner in the final passing of the bill on March 23.

Editor's Note

Our staff descends upon Austin for South by Southwest festival.

Class Act

Pueblo Magnet High School students filled the bleachers on Wednesday, March 14 for a moment of silence and to hear their peers give compelling speeches about ending gun violence.

Hitting the Wall

Riding horseback along the 18-foot border wall in Southern Arizona's Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke talked border security with Tucson Sector Border Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch.

Police Dispatch

During a Walmart shoplifting trip, a man somehow fit numerous rather dangerous items in his pants and ran a good distance with them.

Police Dispatch

An obviously intoxicated individual wandering the UA campus was treated very leniently by two cops.

Guest Opinion

After a recent visit to the legislature in Phoenix, I came home to Tucson deeply concerned about the state of affairs in Arizona and education in particular.

Tucson Salvage

I first spotted Ray stepping off a city bus carrying a half-finished canvas. I actually followed him to a kidney disease center near downtown to ask to see it.

Cannabis Court

Arizona courts have something to say about medical marijuana this week, and it's all good.

The Foilies 2018

In its fourth year, The Foilies recognizes the worst responses to records requests, outrageous efforts to stymie transparency and the most absurd redactions.

Walking for a Cure

This year, the MS Walk has two routes through the Reid Park Zoo. Participation is free, but donations that go to MS research are encouraged and rewarded.

Editor's Note

This week's cover story is an amusing-but-enraging piece that shines a light on how governments across the country are going to great lengths to thwart the people's right to know.

Broken Dreams, Broken Promises

The deadline Trump created when he ended DACA last September came and went with little acknowledgement from Congress. In D.C. and around the country, recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and their allies marched, protested, chanted and were arrested.

Trigger Unhappy

The group of teens in a science class room at Tucson High are not there to talk biology. They're talking about how fear of being shot hinders their studies.

Police Dispatch

A day-drinking southwest-side man learned an expensive lesson but at least avoided jail after breaking into his own (former) apartment.


Unfortunately, instead of the attention being focused on whether Virginia's stifling defense can lead the Cavaliers to a title or if another dark horse can make it to the Final Four, all the talk these days is on whether college athletes should be paid.

Maybe it’s Marijuana

Arizona’s anti-marijuana forces have been railing against one of the biggest examples of the plant’s medical efficacy: decreasing opioid addiction.


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