Local Heroes

Local Heroes

Local heroes who improve the quality of life for all of Tucson


Radical Rebound

Mia, who was 16 years old at the time, remembers the day of Nov. 13, 2016 being like any other.

Editor's Note

Its our Local Heroes edition, where we focus the spotlight on six people who've given a lot to Tucson this year.

A Gut's Life

Stacey Tecot is co-author of a new research article on the social behavior and microbiology of red-bellied lemurs.

Happy Trails

The new Big Wash trailhead will provide public access into the Honeybee Trail system.

Police Dispatch

A middle school boy dumped urine all over an unsuspecting female.

Police Dispatch

A prank played on the Wildcats by another state’s college did not ruffle a stoic University of Arizona police officer

Tucson Salvage

His bloodied hand shot up from the woodworking saw and flashed across his periphery, half of a forefinger severed and dangling by fleshy ribbons.

High Reward

As new as the marijuana industry is, predicting the effects it may have on our economy and society has been tricky.

Make It Sew

Quinlan Wilhite's dedication just won him the Phoenix Fashion Week 2018 Lifestyle Designer of the Year award.

Student Housing Shakedown

Presentation did little to convince some Tucsonans that tearing down 12 historic homes in favor of five-story student housing is a good thing.

Editor's Note

The Great Cover Up is back and better than ever, helping a great cause.

A ‘Dreadful’ Tax Plan

A Q&A with Jim Nintzel and Bruce Bartlett

Police Dispatch

Some diseggreable kids eggpress their eggregious behavior.

Police Dispatch

She described him as a thin man, probably tall, and in his 20s. Though he was driving a fancy car, she said, his face was allegedly covered in "scruff."

The Skinny

In Jim Nintzel's last Skinny of 2017, he looks at the just-passed tax bill and the race for McSally's congressional seat.


Can we, SHOULD WE, have sympathy for either of these guys?

Sinister Scheduling

Insys Therapeutics made headlines again this week over the DEA's classification of their new marijuana-derivative drug.

Fight the FCC

Let's talk. This is something that, whether you like it or not, affects you personally. But how important is this?

Editor's Note

I first came across a battered paperback on The Panama Hat Trail in my college days, so it was a treat to interview author Tom Miller.

Dreams Depicted

Homeless kids were sent out with volunteer mentors to find images that represented their hopes and dreams—simultaneously ambitious, universal and heartbreaking.

Police Dispatch

A man—looking not unlike a sleeping turtle himself—was found curled up on the grass near the University of Arizona’s "Turtle Pon."

Police Dispatch

A sorority girl had a totally inappropriate response to being caught drinking illegally.

The Skinny

Who would have thought that the fate of the Senate tax giveaway would rest on the shoulders of Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake?

Cannabidiol Confusion

More confusion arose between Arizona state agencies and marijuana this week as the Arizona Department of Child Services updated its policy concerning CBD extracts.

Editor's Note

Jim gives thanks.

Guest Opinion

The most important economic development and crime prevention opportunity facing Arizona is a strategic focus on education, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Shifting Gears

County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry has a new plan to hike the local sales tax to fix Pima County's deteriorating roads

Veterinary Ventures

The UA's $255 million development includes an $8 million bond that brings a UA veterinary medicine program to Oro Valley.

Police Dispatch

A University of Arizona student got busted over a Snapchat video that not only broadcasted his drug use, but made it look more criminal.

Shop Local!

Local First Arizona is creating a superhero-themed day of holiday shopping named SUPER! Small Business Saturday


Tom gives his thanks.

Paltry Politicians

The banners have been raised once again in the legal battle to reduce fees for medical marijuana cards in Arizona.

NAFTA Nuances

Growing stuff to feed hungry people has always been big business.

Editor's Note

I’m delighted (and a little bit jealous, TBH) to say that my old friend and frequent TW contributor Leo W. Banks has published his first novel.

Picture of Youth

Shelby Zismann seems older than 17 as she talks about processing the two-year relationship where she experienced emotional abuse.

Police Dispatch

After allegedly gyrating against an office window (among other odd and salacious behaviors), a man was barred from University of Arizona property.

Police Dispatch

An intoxicated collegiate had an amusingly elementary response when a cop caught him with his pants (partially) down, according to a UAPD report.

The Skinny

The stampede of Republican lawmakers retreating in horror from Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is quite the spectacle.

Tucson Salvage

Alone in the world and full dark is falling soon, and he listens to the stupid cars and trucks pass by, their hypnotic low rumble, the severity and austerity.

Reefer Relief

A salient solution to dispensaries' cash-only conundrum has surfaced in California.

Better To Give

Let the Weekly staff be your helpful holiday elves with their picks for the best local shops.

Get It While You Can

Local business owner Julie Simons is sick of the health care tug-of-war.

Editor's Note

No it isn't too early for our Holiday Guide to events and shopping this season. Plan your social calendar and get that shopping done early. You can thank us later.

Minor Refugees, Major Challenges

More than 5,400 juvenile immigration deportation cases were heard in Arizona between 2005 and July 2017, according to the Executive Office of Immigration Review.

Police Dispatch

A 16-year-old girl got a not-so-sweet glimpse of an elderly man walking around her house in the nude

Police Dispatch

A non-student at the UofA was busted for urinating on two of the bathroom's floor and walls, dressed as a Hasidic Jew.


I've got a birthday coming up and around this time of year, I tend to get all philosophical and stuff.

Guest Opinion

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the health of our teens, but recent funding cuts threaten future progress.


It may often seem like nothing can stop the tidal wave of marijuana legalization from washing over the country, but constant political battles remind us that it's a hard-fought battle.

Editor's Note

I've made no secret of my love for the Loft Cinema (and especially those new seats in the main auditorium).

Best in the West

Tables in Old Tucson's Grand Palace were covered in items to memorialize Mick Willoughby...

Girl Power

Girl power is on the rise, and so is girls' rugby.

Venerating Veterans

An active U.S. Air Force member kneels to hand a burial flag to Patricia Clark, quietly saying the honorary words, "We offer this flag for the faithful and dedicated service."

Police Dispatch

When a cop interrupted a woman's mystifying mission on a stranger's property, her attitude ranged from dangerously daring to meekly remorseful.

The Skinny

Sen. Jeff Flake set off a political explosion last week with his announcement that he would not seek reelection.

Guest Opinion

None of the financial support for the course Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship came from the Kochs.It came from a Templeton Foundation grant of $2.9 million.

Extract Excitement

Once again, the Arizona courts have it out for medical marijuana patients.


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