Paul Durham for City Council

Paul Durham for City Council

We need to build on recent success with the best available leaders. Vote wisely, Ward 3. Vote for Paul Durham.


Your Indispensable Back-To-College Guide

Welcome to some tips about shit that matters for you back-to-schoolers, straight from three current Arizona Wildcats. Listen up to their advice and remember to work hard, play hard and do your homework.

Police Dispatch

A bloody, sunburned man was soon rescued after he was seen on a major street with his pants falling off, allegedly after a random assault.

Police Dispatch

Caught Blue-appendaged

Editor's Note

Welcome back, Wildcats

Hasty Tasting

Food is a necessity, but with the local launch of grocery delivery services Instacart and UberEATS (the food delivery branch of the popular ride service) last week, Tucson residents need not walk farther than the front door to get it.

The Skinny

Supervisor Miller finds a way to make the Charlottesville mess about her skin color

Ask a Mexican!

DEAR MUJER: Was I ever confused about my ethnic identity? Absolutely.


There are unsubstantiated reports of people claiming to have voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and then Donald Trump in 2016. I know, that whole Nibiru thing is more believable, but this myth won't go away. I heard some guy on the radio the other day actually make that claim.

Campus Clash

A legal fight over campus cannabis is lurching toward the Arizona Supreme Court

Triple Play

Ward 3's roughly 18,000 Democrats and 12,000 independent voters will choose between three candidates in the Aug. 29 primary

Equitable Solutions

At a community forum on equity, the Ward 3 primary candidates spoke to a full house

Window of Opportunity

In July, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded Pima County a $236,654 grant for the Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program

Editor's Note

McSally's new effort on healthcare plus a look at Ward 3's Democratic candidates before the August 29 primary.

A Needed Prescription

President Donald Trump has threatened to crash the individual marketplace by cutting off federal funding

Police Dispatch

Two people were apprehended on the edge of town possessing meth pipes but no meth, bullets but no guns.

Ask a Mexican!

WOW . . . Art Laboe in ¡Ask a Mexican! This column has finally hit its zenith—and since it's all downhill from here, Art, I'd like to dedicate "The Agony and the Ecstasy" to my sad girl, journalism.

A Certifiable Strategy

Get ready for the first of a new breed of teachers in Arizona's public schools this year.

Tucson Salvage

Any generalized comfort we felt before Donald Trump's arrival in office has been converted into painful awareness of everything around us.

Dead Letters

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent letters to governors of states with legal recreational marijuana

Editor's Note

We welcome two new writers to the Tucson Local Media team.

Burst of Bloom

A whole bunch of seeds are waiting to be discovered in the Pima County Public Library Seed Savers Program and at Native Seeds/SEARCH.

Beating Cancer How You Live

"Momcologist" and Woman of the Year Barb Anderson reflects on what Senator McCain's recent no vote on the healthcare repeal legislation means for her family and others like them.

Trump Defunds Teens

The Department of Health and Human Services is discontinuing all teen pregnancy prevention programs.

Ask a Mexican!

I think all good people can take a lesson from my experience: when the haters go for you, don't ignore them—fight back with humor, stats, and DESMADRE, and they'll scatter away like the cucarachas they are.


Tom learns his lesson the hard way.

Surplus Sorrows

California is growing eight times more weed than it can distribute, leading to an issue in surplus.

Police Dispatch

Drunk man attempts to use his penis as weapon.

Sticky Summer Nights

Ken Weir is Sticky, volunteer mascot for the indie pro baseball outfit The Tucson Saguaros.


Long-time Amphi High School football coach Vern Friedli died from complications from a series of strokes at the age of 80.

The Skinny

Ann Kirkpatrick tosses her hat in the ring while Ward 3 Democratic primary candidates show us the money.

Ask a Mexican!

My, how quickly Oklahomans forget their own history-sad that a Mexican has to teach you about your own people, but that happens only in America.

Summer Catch

Since the summer of last year, Tucson became home to the (semi) pro start-up the Tucson Saguaros.

Police Dispatch

Four inebriated young men broke into the University of Arizona's pool in order to jump off the highest diving board for cheap thrills.

Cannabis Court

The federal government's staunch stance against the happy little plant may seem at odds with public opinion.

Editor's Note

Our intern and Tucson Salvage columnist team up to highlight Tucson's (semi) pro baseball team the Tucson Saguaros.

Trumpcare Is Dead

The Republican push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act collapsed this week, leaving the future of Obamacare up in the air once again.

Homeless Program Working

HWP program expanded from two days a week to three, accommodating more participants across the program.

Editor's Note

The latest health care legislation has fallen into a coma, the debut of our new cinema column, and following the escapades of local band XIXA on their world tour.

Saguaro Bounty

Trying to survive off what the desert provides in the way of edibles can be a feast or famine situation, so it's important to take advantage of seasonal good times.

Flow Job

The Pima County Board of Supervisors put state environmental regulators and Hudbay Minerals on notice.


Death has been busy lately. I'd like him to take a holiday, but it's unlikely.

Ask a Mexican!

In 1990, some of my Mexican friends told me it cost $500 to come from Mexico with a coyote. Recently, a friend from Tamazunchale told me it now costs $2,500. How much of this money, paid to the coyotes, go to Border Patrol Employees?

Crop Circles

Arizona's pot circle is getting smaller and smaller, but with bigger blunts all around.

Police Dispatch

A minor poop dispute became a full-blown feces feud

Police Dispatch

A night prowler ripped up a huge mass of fresh blooms

Political Punch

Sanders talks about why he was protesting at the Trump rally last year, what happened to him afterwards, and what a Trump presidency today means

Editor's Note

Bryan Sanders revisits his experience at Trump rally last year, plus some things for you to do this weekend. Also don't forget to vote for Best of Tucson 2017!

Mega Mania!!

Pima County Public Library engages kids and teens at their Comic-Con style event, MegaMania!!

Rockin' Her World

Ten years ago, Gina Murphy-Darling had an epiphany—a brilliant idea which spawned Mrs. Green's World. It is now celebrating a decade of making a positive impact on where and how we live.

A Vigil Endures

A faction of the YWCA's Latina Leadership Initiative, Las Promotoras decided to continue the vigil monthly after Derechos Humanos announced in May it could no longer make the weekly commitment and asked the community to step in.

The Skinny

Stopping school voucher program, campaign for vacant City Council seat, and radio woes for John C. Scott

Ask a Mexican

That's not to deny Chicanos that the culture of fixing up boats and bombs, and driving them low and slow, is now dominated by them—if anything, we appropriated gabacho culture, for once!

Double Drought

Nevada's green dreams may be short-lived as the states dispensaries are running out of pot, and they don't have a backup plan.

Police Dispatch

A love that cannot be stopped


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