Fancy Footwork

Fancy Footwork

This week's cover story features Megan Maltos and her mother, Jill, who run Danswest, a local dance school that has been teaching kids the ups and downs of everything from ballet to hip-hop for decades. Plus, we celebrate The Loft's Peggy Johnson and check out what's new in food, music and news.


Police Dispatch

A homophobic drifter-type using University of Arizona facilities was kicked off campus after drifting way too far in a random interaction with a stranger, according to a UA Police Department report.

Movie Star

Peggy Johnson grew up loving film, but it wouldn’t be until after a 25-year career as a reporter with Arizona Public Media that she would helm the celebrated role she’s known for today: executive director of The Loft Cinema. Johnson will be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tucson Local Media Women of Influence awards on March 4.


You’d figure that having done Lent for all these years that it would get easier. I’ve certainly learned from some of my mistakes so at least I’m not making things worse as the years go by. Here's my five toughest Lents.

Tucson Salvage

A mother-daughter team teaches kids to find their own rhythm.

Lofty Legislation

As the Safe and Smart Arizona Act initiative effort gains traction, state lawmakers are considering legalizing cannabis in the state legislature.

Slam-Dunk Sisterhood

Contributor Tom Danehy makes the case that this is the best women’s basketball team the university has ever seen in this week’s cover story. Plus, we have plenty of music, food, arts and news stories for you this week.

Police Dispatch

A popular TV crime show may or may not have contributed to the corruption of a minor college student clearly drinking way more than she could handle (despite her confident claims otherwise), according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

The Fight for San Pedro

On Sunday, Jan. 26, a crowd of more than 1,000 gathered on a remote bridge in rural Arizona to protest the construction of a border wall across the San Pedro River, the last major undammed river in the Southwest.

Back to the wall

Tohono O’odham nation Chairman Ned Norris said the “controlled blasting” for a border wall that will ultimately cut through his reservation is just the latest example of the federal government ignoring its duty to consult with tribes.


Foreshadowing the reaction of some people today who love their Social Security and Medicare but blanch at the mention of socialism, Sinclair reflected on his failed race with, “The American People will take socialism, but they won’t take the label.”

Slam-Dunk Squad

I’ve been a basketball fan for nearly six decades and a Wildcat fan for four, but rarely have I had this kind of reaction. There was the Sean Elliott Final Four team in 1988 and the national championship team in 1997. And now, it’s the UA women.

Terpene Time

In the early years of legal cannabis cultivation, dispensaries explored ways to vastly increase the concentration of THC and CBD in their strains. After years of development though, the focus has shifted to increase the variety of consumption methods and fine-tuning cannabinoid profiles.

State of the Arts

The Spring Arts guide is here to inform you of what's going on in Tucson's vibrant arts scene. Plus, we look at the city's new transportation plan, who's dropping out of Pima County races and plenty of food, music and movie news.

Police Dispatch

A vegan collegiate believed his peers were subjecting him to secret psychological torture for eschewing animal products in his diet, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

Multi-Modal mania

The city of Tucson’s Transportation and Mobility Department announced the start of its 20-year transportation plan called Move Tucson during a public meeting Wednesday evening at the Fox Theatre.

Skate of Play

University of Arizona hockey is no longer on thin ice. After years of decline and near collapse, the team has re-emerged stronger because of re-energized organizers, increased media exposure and more wins.

The Skinny

Candidates are having second thoughts about running for the Board of Supervisors this year.


Well, all you Trump cultists who used to be part of the now-defunct Republican Party, that whirlwind is coming your way. Oh, it’s a long way off because the now-totally unrestrained Donald Trump must first lay waste to America and democracy and Mitt Romney. But when he runs out of rivers to pollute, syntax to butcher, and brown-skinned families to destroy, he’ll come for you.

High Hopes

If you watched last Friday night’s Democratic presidential debate ahead of this week’s New Hampshire primary, you saw debate moderator Lindsey Davis light up candidate Pete Buttigieg over the increased arrests of black citizens for marijuana offenses during the eight years he’s been mayor of South Bend, Indiana. 

Hold My Beer

This business of journalism sometimes involves risky assignments, but Associate Editor Jeff Gardner didn’t hesitate to step up and sample some of the finest product coming out of our local breweries, from the Chiltepin Red Ale at Button Brew House to the OSIRIS-REx Recon IPA at Dillinger Brewing Co.

Police Dispatch

A University of Arizona student who caused an overdose scare apparently had the time of his life while emergency responders checked to make sure he wasn’t dying but was just (very) stoned, according to a UA Police Department report.

Civil Question

Several lawmakers and community leaders last Thursday said the state needs a law to protect Arizonans from being fired, denied housing or refused service because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

On the Rebound

Becoming a world-class Paralympic athlete after a car accident is no easy feat.

The Skinny

U.s. Sen. Martha McSally just didn’t want to hear any more.


Fights have been breaking out at the east end of downtown with ridiculous regularity and the violence is threatening to put a damper on the impressive progress that has been made in the downtown area.

Brewer’s Mash-up

Voltron Brewing is the brainchild of Taylor Carter and Mike Gordon, owners of Sentinel Peak Brewing, along with Borderlands Brewing owner, Mike Mallozzi. The 9000 sq. ft. space is located at 330 S. Toole Avenue, next to Rocks and Ropes, and opened to the public in January. 

Brew Review

Ahead of Arizona Beer Week, the Tucson Weekly review team got busy trying out some of the most noteworthy and new craft beers coming out of Tucson. Some shocked us, some perplexed us, and some were middle-of-the-road classics. At the end of our tastings, we realized just how lucky Tucson is to host such a lively and diverse craft beer scene.

And The Thunder Rolls

You could see buzzards circling Thunder Canyon Brewstillery after closing their kitchen last January. Two years prior, they had shut down their flagship restaurant at Foothills Mall and their longtime head chef retired. To make matters worse, the brewstillery’s kitchen struggled to find a loyal following in downtown Tucson since opening in 2013. 

Tap Times

This guide will help you keep track of all the best events going on at Tucson’s two dozen craft breweries during the 10th annual Arizona Craft Beer Week: Thursday, Feb. 6, through Saturday, Feb. 15.

A Stout Industry

When Dragoon Brewing Company opened in 2012, there were only five craft breweries in the Tucson area. Eight years later, Tucson is home to 25. This 500 percent increase in less than a decade is even higher than the already impressive national increase during that same time frame: In 2012, there were more than 2,000 craft breweries in the U.S. Now, there are more than 7,000.

In Full Bloom

Vibe: Hippie-Rasta Strains: Dozens of house-grown sativa and indica strains sold in quantities from a gram up, with pre-packaged flower deals and pre-rolls available.

Queen of Cactus

If there’s a story about the saguaro cactus that’s stuck in my head since I heard it back in 1982, it’s the one about David Grundman, the drunk knucklehead who, after failing to run down one of those mighty cactus in his jeep, decided he’d blast it with his shotgun. The saguaro got the last laugh, falling right atop of Grundman and permanently ending any threat he might pose to the plant world in the future.

Police Dispatch

A woman allegedly grabbing coffee for cops made a huge scene at a Starbucks before sunrise, insisting it hadn’t opened exactly on time at 5:30 a.m., a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report stated.

The Lion’s Share

It’s often been said that the collective soul of humankind needs wild places as well as the magnificent creatures that dwell there. The killing of a mother cougar and her two offspring found scavenging on human remains on the eve of the New Year in Pima Canyon may prove that adage true. In social gatherings and online chats, sentiments sounded angrily, assuming there had been a humane alternative for the three mountain lions.

Tucson Salvage

Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith reflects on how his gorgeous new baby opened his heart in ways he could never have imagined.

A Saguaro Primer

The saguaro is one of the world’s most studied wild plant species, probably because of its charisma and ready accessibility, but also because, as a large cactus, it is decidedly different from plants more familiar to researchers.

Buzzy Brew

What happens when Arizona’s oldest medical marijuana edibles producing kitchen teams up with one of the best coffee roasters in the Old Pueblo? You get a damn fine cold brew coffee, infused with full spectrum cannabis extracts, that’s sure to make Mondays tolerable.


It’s a new year and we’re now in the Twenties. Some of the old questions (many of which have never been answered) must now give way to new questions.

Laugh Parade

So what’s in the paper? Tucson’s comedy scene has exploded in recent years, with more stand-up, improv and open mics happening than ever before. Plus music, movies, food, drinks, art and the latest news in the Old Pueblo.

Police Dispatch

A man was caught with drug paraphernalia after locking himself in a convenience-store bathroom and “growling,” a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report said.

Reaching for Recovery

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick announced last week she was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the office to enter treatment for alcohol addiction.

Operation Blue

Arizona was identified last Thursday as one of seven states where Democrats plan to “fight like hell” to turn the state government from red to blue in 2020.

What is HFAC, anyhow?

Members of the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition— a group of business owners, artists and neighborhood residents with a common goal of preserving the “unique identity of Historic Fourth Avenue and the surrounding areas”—remain optimistic about preserving, and even growing, the culture of the area.

Birders’ Paradise

Birdwatchers, Rejoice! The new observation deck at the El Rio Preserve is providing more access for outdoor enthusiasts to view many rare species of flying feathered friends from around the hemisphere.

The Skinny

With her approval rating among Republicans in freefall, Sen. Martha McSally lashes out at “liberal hack” at CNN


After listening to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s State of the State address last week, some people who had not voted for Ducey (and never will) were oddly encouraged by some of the points he raised and proposals he made. One friend of mine went so far as to suggest that Ducey might be tacking toward the center. Even if it’s out of some sort of political pragmatism, any leftward movement should be welcomed.

Finding the Funny

The second annual Tucson Comedy Crawl, which runs from Saturday, Jan. 25 to Saturday, Feb. 1, offers a little bit of both—that is, the whole “staring reality in the face” thing and the “delightfully entertaining” thing.

Legislation Lowdown

After the state legislature introduced a whopping 31 bills concerning cannabis last year, only 13 bills that aim to change some aspect of the industry have been submitted thus far this session. Lawmakers seem mostly concerned with vape products and the industry’s tax structure.

Make Womb for Daddy

In today’s world, you learn to expect the unexpected. And speaking of expecting, Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith brings us the story of Cain Pierce, a trans man who is pregnant with his first baby. The mom, of course, is a trans woman and former local drag queen. It’s a complicated story, but as the wise man once said: Life finds a way.

Police Dispatch

A drunk man yelling at a tree disturbed a northside couple getting ready for bed late one night, a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report stated.

A Real shocker

Tucson electric power is seeking a rate hike this year, which the utility says is necessary as part of a shift toward cleaner energy.

The Skinny

Sen. Martha McSally calls for the divine intervention of negative advertising to save her as Democratic Mark Kelly continues to lead in polling and fundraising.


Tonight, when most of you—if you’re lucky!—will be watching the episode that comes before the penultimate episode of The Good Place (don’t tell me what happens), I’ll be at the Fox Theatre, awash in the sweet funk/soul sounds of what remains of one of my favorite groups of all time, the Average White Band.

Tucson Salvage

A story of life, death, identity, love, birth and hard-won queer pride.

Cannabis Campaigns

Lawmakers and voters alike will have pot on their minds in 2020 as the Arizona legislative session begins this week with two recreational marijuana ballot measures and six different medical marijuana bills, which could potentially be on the upcoming November ballot.


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