Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Tucson Weekly!

Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Tucson Weekly!

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 1984, the first edition of the Tucson Weekly hit the streets.


Batter up! It’s a new day at Rita Hillenbrand Stadium

A brilliant blue sky broke through a wall of slate gray clouds in the early afternoon hours Sunday, Feb. 17, shining light on the University of Arizona campus' newest gem.

Three’s a Crowd: Randi Dorman

Developer and downtown advocate Randi Dorman launched her bid for mayor of Tucson during a casual gathering of supporters last week at downtown's Connect Coworking courtyard.

The Skinny

A whole lot of bills are about to die at the Arizona Legislature and here's your chance to meet U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly

Tucson Salvage

Way back further my dad forbade Circle Ks, thought them unseemly for us kids. Later the Circle K becomes ecstasy in repetition.

Police Dispatch

As if starring in a derivative Hollywood action flick, a black-clad lone male delivered a trite one-liner before committing some seriously dangerous acts at a gas station

Police Dispatch

Nobody knows how someone—or something—mysteriously managed to make off with an enormous hot tub sitting in a man's front yard overnight.

Medical Marijuana: Crummy Case

In the filing, Polk compared the way the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act legalizes cannabis concentrates to legalizing explosives made from fertilizer.

Editor’s Note

To think that some people say there's nothing to do in Tucson. Well, this week's Spring Arts Preview proves them wrong.

Strata Deep: An insider’s look at the gem show

With more than half a century of history, the show has developed its own culture and climate, a unique group of specialists and fanatics many Tucsonans only scratch the surface of during their strolls through the swarming stalls.

Rodeo Clown Comes to Town

His job is to entertain people from the beginning of the rodeo to end—he banters with the announcer between runs, he interacts with the crowd.

Going Viral: West Nile is Here to Stay

West Nile symptoms can vary, making the illness difficult for doctors to diagnose. Most cases cause mild flu-like symptoms; others end in death.

The Skinny

Former astronaut Mark Kelly wants to knock Martha McSally out of the U.S. Senate

Danehy: Valentine’s Day Edition

Oh, I looove to be in love. Don't you looove to be in love? Ain't it just great to be in love? Oh, ain't it wonderful?

Medical Marijuana: Data for Dummies

Perhaps you've heard of Alex Berenson's book released last month, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

Police Dispatch

Somebody was having a bad day...

Editor's Note

Jim remembers the good old days just in time for Beer Week

Feel the Music at Dancing with the Deaf Stars

ASDB's deaf program serves about 350 students in preschool through 12th grade. The competition pairs hearing dancers with deaf staff members at the school, who each get to perform two songs of their choice.

A Polished Act: Why Tucson’s Gem and Mineral Show is a cut above the rest

What began as a small showcase at an elementary school now brings Tucson an estimated $120 million annually—but how?

The Skinny

Brewski Benefit: How the Tucson Brewery and Business Community Helped Their Own

The diagnosis came out of the blue, but so did an outpouring of support from the community. Local breweries, artists, businesses and bands all helped raise funds for the Vernons.

Beer Review

Under the guidance of Associate Editor Jeff Gardner, the Tucson Weekly Brew Review Crew undertook the dangerous assignment of reviewing various craft beers submitted to us ahead of Arizona Beer Week.

Arizona Beer Week Highlights

Thursday, Feb. 7 – Saturday, Feb. 16

Borderlands Brewing and UA Scientists Team Up for Public Lectures

Bruce Bayly demonstrates a mathematical equation by blowing across the lip of a glass Coca-Cola bottle, only to be interrupted by a train rumbling the floor of Borderlands Brewing.

Police Dispatch: Dine 'n' Dash, Rich Kid Style

After chowing down on some high-end sushi, these local kids tried to roll on home

Police Dispatch: Lavatory Larcenists

A University of Arizona student repeatedly had strange stuff stolen while away using the bathroom, a UA Police Department report said.

Medical Marijuana: Bud Bills

Every year, cannabis becomes more popular. And every year, more people have ideas about how to tax, propagate, regulate and defend the industry.

Editor’s Note

We are bidding farewell to production manager Chelo Grubb, who is heading off to a new job at Reid Park Zoo.

Flight Plan: Pima Hoping to Expand Aviation Tech Program

With big companies like Raytheon, Sargent, Bombardier and Ascent, Pima Community College's Aviation Maintenance Technician program helps fill a growing demand for skilled workers in the industry.

UA Tech Parks Ready to Break Ground with New Associate VP Carol Stewart

In her previous position, Stewart worked as CEO of the Association of University Research Parks, which is based right here in Tucson, though she worked out of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

The Skinny

Arizona's legislative session is in full swing—and as always, that swing goes from the serious work that needs to get done to the sideshow attractions, such as the current feeding frenzy focused on one Prescott Republican

Danehy: How Do Arizona’s Charter Schools Get Away With Swindling Students and Fleecing Taxpayers?

Do you know how many charter schools have come and gone over the past 25 years? Don't feel bad; the State of Arizona doesn't know, either.

Requiem For a Dream: An Artist and Migrant Trail Whisperer Erects Silent Monuments to Courage

There is so much death in the Southern Arizona desert Alvaro's project, these silent monuments to courage, will never be completed.

Police Dispatch

A University of Arizona student was frightened by a disheveled-looking guy in a bathrobe "sneaking" around campus with a bag full of Ramen noodles

Swift Split: The Arizona Dispensaries Association has lost a state lobbyist

Feuds between DeMenna Public Affairs and certain camps within the ADA are no secret.

Editor’s note

Find out what's between the covers this week

Detention Debate

If initiative supporters can gather 9,241 valid signatures from city voters by July 5 and persuade Tucson voters to pass it in the November election, Tucson will be known as a "sanctuary city."

A Matter of Conviction

Four humanitarian aid workers were found guilty Friday on misdemeanor charges involving leaving aid in a restricted area of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

Guest Opinion: Savings Account

The latest Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IGCC) report concludes we have 12 years before global average temperatures rise by 2 degree celsius

Police Dispatch

Two intrepid and artful individuals shoplifted almost $2,000 worth of clothing by stuffing it all inside their own clothing

LOL for One and One for LOL

Comedy is powerful stuff. And Tucson is going to get a whole lot of it at the CAT Comedy 520 LOL Crawl this week

Comedy Calendar: Lotsa Laughs

The CAT Comedy 520 LOL Crawl lineup

Mixed Messages

Republican Rep. Tony Rivero introduced the first piece of cannabis legislation that would remove the definition of cannabis from state statutes.

Editor's Note

The Arizona legislature got to work this week, following Gov. Doug Ducey's State of the State address.

Rising Dough

The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 made significant changes to the way taxpayers can claim deductions and what portion of their income is taxable.

Girl Power

Beginning at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 20, at the Jácome Plaza downtown, the Tucson Women's March will feature speakers engaged in a variety of social justice-oriented issues.

Old-School Big Top

Now, after decades of performing, the Zoppé Family Circus is bringing their Old-World charm to Tucson—for the eighth time.

Guest Opinion: Release Valve

I've had a love/hate Relationship with Hope since the earliest, bleakest days of my 10-plus years of incarceration.

The Skinny


It’s a New Year and I’ve got some new questions: • When the economy is roaring along (as we’ve been told), why would the stock market go down? It’s never been a secret that I prefer real science and math to economics.

Making History

It's been four years since Hamilton—the musical celebrating the life, trials and death of founding father Alexander Hamilton—began seizing the hearts of Broadway fans, historians and hip hop aficionados alike.

Police Dispatch


Police Dispatch

A college-going proselytizer had a not-so-legal method for spreading the Word, perhaps showing his preaching game ahead of his practice.

High Court Showdown

The Arizona Supreme Court decided to hear the case of State v. Jones, in which the Court of Appeals ruled cannabis concentrates illegal last June. The date has been set for March 21, but a decision will come likely months following the trial.

Editor's Note

Once upon a time, in my early days working here at Tucson Weekly, I had the job of driving bundles of the paper from Phoenix to Tucson.

Native Knowledge

Founded in 2016, Garcia and Shirley designed the project to provide professional support to Native American preservice teachers by training them how to serve Indigenous communities in the field.

Thorny Problem

Will Arizona’s saguaros survive climate change and drought?

The Skinny

Tucson Salvage

The Chatterbox bartender calls him "the legend of Alvernon" and relates of small kindnesses with other bartenders and the neighborhood homeless. Says Louis forever seems resigned to the presence of others like he'd rather be elsewhere. Says he's been working at Luke's for 30 years.

Interstate 10: A Personal History

Journeys take place in the mind as much as they do in physical space, and I have noticed a recurring thought-pattern that unspools every time I travel Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson.

Police Dispatch

A scrutinizing older woman was extremely upset upon seeing her next-door neighbor "completely" exposing himself while peeing outside her window

Eyes on Arizona

Even though Arizona's cannabis industry has had its fair share of bruises from the last year, it seems the old adage holds true as what has attempted to kill it only makes it stronger.


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