Crawl, Tech-Style

Some notes and news this week:

• Hey, Club Crawl™ attendees: Be sure to head on over to to sign up to receive text-message alerts during the event. Our crack staff, led by Former Corporate Web Dude Sean Fitzpatrick, will be fanned out throughout the Crawl's stages and venues to keep Crawlgoers in the know with news, tips and tidbits.

• In this week's Club Crawl™ supplement, you'll find the ballot for the 15th Tucson Area Music Awards, aka the TAMMIES. As previously discussed in this space, we're changing up the awards a bit this year. These ballots--which must be filled out and submitted by Wednesday, May 21--will determine the readers' choice finalists, which will be combined with the choices made by our panel of critics for a second and final round of voting online at The winners will be announced at our annual TAMMIES event, which will occur on a yet-to-be-determined date this summer. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for voting!

• And finally, speaking of balloting: While Best of Tucson™ voting launched less than a week ago (as of this writing), we've already thrown out one business due to ballot-stuffing, and placed another business on our "watch" list.

People: If you're thinking of ballot-stuffing, don't. We check every ballot carefully. Really. While some ballot-stuffing attempts may slip by us--after all, we're not perfect--the vast majority will get caught. Don't do it; ballot-stuffing is sad and pathetic, anyway. OK?

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