Crawl, BOT and Downing

Stuff worth noting ...

· As if you didn't know from the cover, or the 12-page special section, or the music section, or the banners around town ... our Fall Club CrawlTM is this weekend! Saturday night (Oct. 7), more than 10,000 of the Weekly's closest friends will gather to enjoy a plethora of music at two dozen different stages/venues. If you have not gotten your all-access wristband yet, take $8 and head to CD City to get one. If you do, chances are you'll get the kick-ass Club CrawlTM Vol. 3 CD, which in and of itself is worth more than $8. You can also pay $10 the night of the event. See you there!

· Thanks to all of you who have offered your feedback on Best of TucsonTM 20. The comments have been overwhelmingly positive--especially regarding Wes Hargis' delightful artwork--with a few exceptions. My favorite exception: A guy who had taken exception to one of our staff picks called me last Friday afternoon. After babbling for almost 15 minutes about the connection between music and quantum physics, I asked him what that had to do with the staff pick in question. He then called me a "shithead" and hung up. It was terribly amusing.

· Finally, I am sad to point out that this issue includes Renée Downing's last piece as a regular Weekly columnist. She explains what's going on in her column, on Page 6; she'll continue to contribute to the Weekly, and I've asked her to join our Guest Commentary cadre whenever she wants. While Catherine O'Sullivan--who will be taking over the slot alternating with Connie Tuttle--will do wonderfully, Renée will be missed.

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