Crank Case

Like most editors, I am cranky on deadline day. I'm just going to run with it this week and rant a bit ...

• Am I the only one disgusted with the whole Michael Phelps/bong controversy? Why in the hell should anybody care whether or not a 23-year-old tokes up at a party? He's a 23-year-old! People should just leave him the hell alone and ignore this non-news story.

• I saw Lewis Black in concert recently, and he joked that his generation was a failure, because it had one goal--legalizing marijuana--and it had failed. And now Michael Phelps is paying for it.

• Screw Kellogg's! They dropped Phelps as an endorser after Bonggate hit the news. How many cookies, crackers and bowls of cereal have been devoured over the years thanks to potheads afflicted with the munchies? I am not going to buy any of their crap for a while because of their lame hypocrisy.

• Every time I read a story about the Arizona Legislature and what they're up to this session, I get angrier at Janet Napolitano. She really, really screwed Arizona by leaving to become the secretary of homeland security. Do you think the UA and other educational institutions/programs would have been slashed so badly had she been around to rein in the Republicans? What Napolitano did to Arizona by ceding control of everything to the GOP is unforgivable. I am not kidding.

• Having said that, I understand where Gov. Jan Brewer is coming from when she whines about the hand she was dealt by Napolitano and last year's Legislature. They used an unconscionable amount of tricks to balance the budget.

• Finally, what in the heck happened to the snow that we were supposed to get earlier this week? I was looking forward to snowcapped cactus!

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