Cool Kindness

It looks like Anthony and Nicole Gregoris, along with their 4-year-old son, are finally going to be able to get out of Tucson.

Jim Nintzel reported on the family in "Stuck, Broke and Scared" in our Aug. 21 issue. The Gregoris family was already down on their luck when they arrived here. But all hell really broke loose when the family witnessed an ugly fight at their hotel--and then were allegedly threatened by one of the participants.

They didn't have the money for bus tickets to Oklahoma City, where Anthony's mother lives. But now, it appears that they do, thanks to a new charity--and the charity of our readers.

Jim reports that after Traveler's Aid helped the family find a temporary place to live, one reader donated shoes, toys, books and a gift certificate for groceries. Others provided enough cash to help the family through the last few weeks and to buy the bus tickets. They are scheduled--keep your fingers crossed--to leave this weekend.

In an interesting twist, two of the bus tickets were purchased by Casas Unidas, a new charitable organization backed by the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, which has been on the other side of the spectrum on development issues from The Weekly over the years.

Thanks to Casas Unidas, Traveler's Aid and our readers who chipped in.

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