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We've got so much online-only content this week that staring at the little video boxes printed on the lower right-hand corner of this page just isn't enough.

At our semi-annual Club Crawl® music event on Saturday, April 17, there were more venues, more bands and a more organized eastern event entrance. But you don't want to hear about line logistics; that's why we'll be uploading tons of live performances from the event. For example, if you've ever wondered what glam rock looks when mixed with Vegas-style showgirls, you'll want to check out the Club Crawl® performance of Triple Cobra at

In other news: If you weren't among the 2,000 or 3,000 or several hundred people (depending which local media source you believe) attending this year's Tucson Tea Party rally on April 15, check out our interviews with some of the attendees. Not everyone shared the same opinions, but everyone who showed up will agree: If you're going to wave red, white and blue signs in front of government buildings for a few hours, last Thursday was definitely the day to do it.

Some of the video is hard to hear, thanks to the poor loudspeakers at the event. Think of it this way: Having to turn your computer's volume all the way up gives you and your co-workers the full Tea Party crappy-audio experience.

Rounding out our content this week are several slide shows from the Pima County Fair, which continues through April 25. We'll be posting about one a day on The Range at, but if you need to see everything right now, head to


The Range had its first-ever condom giveaway, with a dozen readers winning endangered-species condoms from the Center for Biological Diversity. Check back regularly for your chance to win great prizes!

On the political front, we discussed tax policy in conjunction with April 15; broke the news that former Marana School District boss Wade McLean was seeking a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives; let you know that some UA workers are facing furloughs next year; and shared photos of the campaign mobiles that candidates are rolling out.

We were also the first newspaper to bring you the latest Rasmussen polls about the McCain/Hayworth Senate race, which show that McCain's lead continues to shrink, and the GOP gubernatorial race, in which Gov. Jan Brewer is starting to pull away from her GOP rivals. (For details, see this week's Skinny.)

We said goodbye to the late Clyde Lowery, a former adviser to many young journalists; and had a Q&A with Juan Roberto Melendez, who was on death row before being exonerated, ahead of his talk at the UA James E. Rogers College of Law.

With the help of UA journalism students, we caught up with the organizers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps; let you know how local communities are working to keep state parks open; and shared the latest on the recovery efforts for the Mexican gray wolf.

We confirmed rumors that Janos Wilder is headed back downtown; told you that Fourth Avenue's Café Passé was expanding; and spoke with Doug Levy about his plans to bring Feast to a new location.

We also shared the news that Tucson author Lydia Millet was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; let you know about the Tucson Saguaro Photography Invitational at Temple Gallery; brought you images from the Pima County Fair; and shared photos and videos from UA journalism students Joshua Morgan and Frank Brun.


"Another example is during The Return of the King. The extended version contains a scene of the Witch King of Angmar (or whatever—it's a Nazgul wraith-thing on a flying lizard) attacking Gandalf and destroying his staff (in no way is that symbolically phallic). Then a horn sounds in the distance, and the Nazgul just flies away in the middle of the battle. It's a stupid moment; he could have finished off Gandalf and THEN flown away. This anticlimactic nonsense was cut from the theatrical version for good reason." user "Bongo" in response to Bob Grimm extolling the virtues of the extended versions of the films in Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Now Showing at Home, April 15).


After looking at our videos from last Saturday's Club Crawl®, you might ask yourself, "How does that stack up to the last Club Crawl®?" Well, ask no more, because at, we've got almost a dozen (that means 11) performances from Fall Club Crawl® 2009, featuring RCougar, Seashell Radio, Salvador Duran, Mostly Bears and Brian Lopez, along with exactly six more videos. How's that for accurate?


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