Consolidation Sucks

So, I gleefully skipped into the office today, enthusiastically looking forward to the fun and frivolity that comes each and every deadline day. Then, I logged on to and saw the lead story: "Cingular nabs AT&T Wireless."

Dammit. I like AT&T. (Well, "like" may be too strong of a word. It's more accurate to say that AT&T doesn't infuriate me like other companies.) I don't want to switch cell-phone companies. Well, that's no longer up to me.

When will this consolidation nonsense ever end?

We've all experienced the joys of business mergers. I know people who have had their checking accounts with something like seven different banks. They never switched; the company kept switching, with one company gobbling up another until there were only a few left.

It happens all the time in the newspaper business. Heck, it happened with this very newspaper several years ago, when The Weekly was bought by Wick Communications--but that bit of media consolidation is a nit compared to what media companies like Clear Channel and Gannett are doing.

It seems no company is safe. Comcast tried to buy Disney, for crying out loud. DISNEY!!!

People on the left often decry modern-day mega-mergers, claming that it's only a matter of time before one really big, scary company, called Wal-Clear-News-Corp-Mart-Nett or something, owns everything.

And you know? I am starting to think they may be right.

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