Confidential to ...

• Confidential to readers who confuse Jonathan Paton and Jonathan Hoffman: They're two rather different people.

A reader last week told me that he's been upset at Paton—a Republican state senator who is considering a run for Congress—ever since he wrote a Guest Commentary (July 30) criticizing Tucsonans who still have Obama bumper stickers on their cars.

The problem is, that commentary was written by Jonathan Hoffman—a libertarian blogger, radio-show host and frequent Tucson Weekly Guest Commentary writer.

I explained to this reader that Paton and Hoffman are two very, very, very different people. He said that he felt that others may be mixing up Paton and Hoffman. Hence this clarification.

• Confidential to the reader and her friends who have expressed consternation over the fact that Gustavo Arellano uses Spanish/Mexican swear words in his column: Um, have you noticed that we occasionally use swear words in English? God help you should you ever read Savage Love.

• Confidential to all of you putting on special New Year's concerts/events/dinners who also happen to be slackers: Get us your info, like, now, please. If you want to make our Dec. 24 issue's New Year's Guide, this is your last chance. (We'll also have New Year's listings in the Dec. 31 issue, but you want your info included both weeks. Right?)

Here's all the requisite info:

• Please send information on special dinners and food-related events to Adam Borowitz at no later than noon, Monday, Dec. 14 (and please copy

• For music-related events, e-mail Stephen Seigel at no later than Friday, Dec. 11 (and—again—copy

• For anything else New Year's-related, e-mail no later than noon on Monday, Dec. 14.

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