Comings, Goings

August has been a time of transition here at Weekly World Central, as some longtime writers are exiting stage left—thereby allowing other talented folks to take their places.

James Reel is stepping down as our freelance arts editor and theater critic at the end of the month. You can read his explanation on Page 26. Trust me when I say that his regular contributions to the paper will be missed; he's been the best theater critic, hands-down, in this city for quite some time now. He tells me that he'll still help out the Weekly here and there—and I intend to hold him to that pledge.

Taking James' place as our arts editor will be Margaret Regan. She's done the job before, and she's done it very well. She's already jumped in to help find James' replacement as theater critic; we should have a new person or two in that slot shortly.

In the opinion section, Catherine O'Sullivan wrote her final regular column last week; she's moved to Washington state. She, too, will be missed.

Longtime readers know that Catherine replaced the amazing Renée Downing several years ago—and I am happy to announce that Renée will be returning to her familiar Page 6 slot next week. Her column will run once every four weeks—as will the column penned by Randy Serraglio. He's made regular appearances in our Guest Commentary slot for the last 5 1/2 years, and he'll join Renée and Irene Messina (still running every other week) on Page 6.

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