Coming Soon to an Altweekly Near You!

• Hey. Is there something coming up in next week's issue that we, the readers, should be excited about?

Why, yes: a little something called the Best of TucsonTM. After six months of ballot-counting, blurb-writing, photo-taking and data-checking, the issue is wrapped up and being sent to the printer. Look for it next week, Sept. 25!

• OK. So, how about the week after that?

On Oct. 2, we'll share our general-election endorsements. So if you're unsure how to vote, be sure to pick up that issue. If you're sure how you're voting, pick it up anyway; after all, you may learn something. Who knows?

• And what about the week after that?

On Oct. 9, we'll publish our Club CrawlTM issue, which will be chock-full of band write-ups, schedules and other information regarding our fall Club CrawlTM, taking place downtown on Saturday, Oct. 11. Mark your calendars!

• And the issue after that?

Sheesh. We don't know yet. Heck, I've just laid out exciting and wonderful things to expect for the next three weeks. Isn't that enough? I mean, give us a break! We're still tired from finishing up Best of TucsonTM, for Pete's sake.

• Sorry. Anything else exciting coming up that you do know about?

Lots of things, but one in particular is worth noting: We've gotten a look-see from our Web designer at what the all-new is going to be like--and it's fantastic. Expect the new Web site to go live sometime before the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy this week's fantastic issue ... and brace yourselves for the Best of TucsonTM!

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