Club Crawl: Spring '07

Some people out there think it's cool to criticize Club CrawlTM. While some criticisms have merit--there's no such thing as a perfect event--many of the criticisms are simple, irrational whines. This is not a surprising fact; after all, the twice-a-year music festival has become a Tucson institution over the last decade, and certain people get off on criticizing institutions just for the sake of criticizing them.

But let's present some facts that are pretty much indisputable:

• The main reason Club CrawlTM exists is to promote the local music scene. Somewhere between 80 and 100 musical acts--if not more--will take the stage this Saturday, April 21, and almost all of them are based in Tucson.

• The Weekly puts on Club CrawlTM primarily to promote local music. Do we make some money on Club CrawlTM? A little, usually, but if you throw in the Club Crawl's sister event--the free Tucson Area Music Awards, aka the TAMMIES, the amount of money to be made on the events is pretty small.

So, here's the deal: If you want to support local music--and have one hell of a time while doing so--come downtown this Saturday night. But first, head to CD City, 2890 N. Campbell Ave., and pick up a wristband for a mere $8. (And to those of you who complain that $8 is too much to spend to see between 80 and 100-plus bands: Get a clue!) If you can't make it to CD City to get a wristband before the night of the event, no worries; you can get wristbands downtown for $10 (unless we sell out).

Thanks to all of the sponsors, the participating venues and the amazingly talented performers for helping make Club CrawlTM Tucson's best and biggest local music event, twice a year, year in and year out. And thanks to all of you for showing up on Saturday and supporting local music!

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