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Usually politically-themed documentaries aren't exactly funny—maybe funny in that so sad you have to laugh sort of way, but not intentionally funny. Well, the Yes Men, an activist duo known for impersonating corporate and political mouthpieces and disseminating misinformation, are actually funny on purpose in their documentary "The Yes Men Are Revolting." Watch the group tackle climate change in their newest documentary, joined along the way by WikiLeaks' Julian Assange. Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum (not his real name) will be at The Loft Cinema on Sunday, Jan. 4 for a 1 p.m. screening. After the film, Bichlbaum will answer audience questions, so come prepared. You can get tickets for the special event, along with more information, by visiting


What's Mark Wahlberg getting into now? Apparently, gambling addiction. His newest wide-release flick "The Gambler" follows his character, Jim Bennett, who seems like your average hunky lit professor—we all had those, right? Well, turns out the professor is just that by day, but by night he's a high stakes, risk taking gambler. Bennett takes risk a little too far when he bets his life as collateral, not knowing that he might actually want to use it later after falling in love with a student, played by Brie Larson. With Jessica Lange and John Goodman also in the cast, the film might not actually be as played out as it seems, though the tagline "the only way out is all in" isn't helping the film any in that regard. Anywho, you can see for yourself how it all pans out (I'm guessing he goes all in) by checking it out at theatres, like Cinemark and Century, beginning Thursday, Jan. 1. You might be hungover but at least you didn't put your life up on a bet.


If you're looking to brush up on your classic foreign film in 2015, The Loft Cinema is giving you the opportunity to check two great movies off your list of must-sees. Kicking off the theatre's Jean-Luc Goddard showcase, "Breathless" or "A Bout de Souffle" will take you to Paris in 1960 in a prime example of French New Wave filmmaking. Consider this the number one option for date night this week because chicks totally dig Goddard. Trust me. On the other hand, if 2015 has you feeling listless and solitary, "L'avventura" is the film for you. Director Michelangelo Antonioni's iconic Italian film also takes place in 1960, but in Sicily and with yachts and a lot of distant stares. Best of all, it's showing at The Loft for free. "Breathless" screens on Wednesday, Jan.7 at 7 p.m. and "L'avventura" screens Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. For tickets or more information, visit


Hayao Miyazaki fans, listen up. "The King and The Mocking Bird" is playing at The Loft beginning Friday, Jan. 2 and it's said the well-loved Japanese animator was inspired by this French cartoon. Based off of a Hans Christian Anderson tale, the movie is appropriate for all ages and the animation itself is innovative enough to hold grown up audiences' attention. For a complete list of show times and to purchase tickets, visit

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