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If you have yet to get on that "Gone Girl" train, never fear. The David Fincher flick will be showing at the Screening Room beginning Friday, Dec. 19. Did Ben Affleck kill his wife? Is he just a liar? Is the media wrongfully ripping his life to pieces and exposing his personal details? Well, this thriller, based on a Gillian Flynn novel, will take you on a twisty-turny journey to find the answers to these questions and more. Such auxiliary questions include: Did I just see Ben Affleck's penis? You be the judge. For screening times and more information, visit


Hey weirdos, freaks, and misfits-- It's that wonderful time again where you get to put on your reddest lipstick, tightest corset, and your favorite fishnets and sing and dance along to the 1975 cult classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show." For the last 36 years, The Loft has been screening the film and this time the Heavy Petting crew will shadow cast the film for your viewing pleasure. So jump to the left, step to the right, put your hands on your hips, and head over to The Loft on Saturday, Dec. 20, for some freaky fun. The midnight showing is $6 and you can find out more by visiting


Before Andy Samberg won an Emmy for his hilarious cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", he made a weird little movie about a wannabe stuntman named Rod Kimble. Although the movie kind of flopped in theatres, you should know that "Hot Rod" really is worth a view. With a supporting cast including Bill Hader, Jorma Taccone, Will Arnett, Chris Parnell, and Danny McBride, comedy nerds know a line-up like that has to translate into some solid laughs on screen. Check out all of the odd, off-hand gags the Lonely Island crew became known for on The Loft's big screen on Sunday, Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets at $6 and can be bought online in advance at


Maybe you've had enough holly and jolly for one Xmas season and you're ready for some good old-fashioned carnage. If that's the case, just traipse on over to The Loft for a $3 screening of "Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2" at The Loft. Just to be clear, yes—this Christmas-themed horror movie sequel is somehow even worse than the original with baffling plot holes and some exceptionally bad acting and dialogue. Well, you better watch out and you better not cry because a maniac axe-wielding Santa Claus is coming to town on Monday, Dec. 22, at 8 p.m. More information on this movie is available at


Great Scott! Tucson High's band is looking for some cash to go to Disneyland so they're showing 1985's "Back to the Future" at The Loft on Monday, Dec. 22, to raise funds. Follow Marty McFly on a quest to not get incesty with his mom and to invent rock and roll (is any of this not offensive?)all for a good cause. After all, Disneyland is great and watching "Back to the Future" is great so everyone wins... except Biff. The 6 p.m. showing is $5 and you can buy tickets by visiting

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