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Re: “With Prop 123 Hanging in the Balance, the Push For Education Funding Begins. #nowitstarts

I think, David, that you HAVE received a clean and clear message. The overwhelming majority of people don't like Prop 123. MANY that voted 'yes' have said they didn't like the proposition. The fact that a $5million dollar campaign finds itself in a dead-heat with a campaign that spent $16,000 is a fairly good indication that people don't buy the message of Prop 123.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 05/18/2016 at 9:41 PM

Re: “Education Funding, the Surplus, the Rainy Day Fund and Cutting (or Raising) Taxes for the Wealthy

Dave, with all this 'new' (been going on for years) information I hope you will change your view and vote NO on 123.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 05/02/2016 at 4:35 PM

Re: “Translating Prop 123 Ducey-Speak: "It's a First Step"

I am so saddened that good public education proponents have SOMEHOW been convinced to support this outrageous sham. The triggers tell the story...they are being put into our constitution so there is cover when the Gov and republican legislators stop the inflation funding.
Wrong on so many levels. Please vote No on Prop 123.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 04/27/2016 at 4:40 PM

Re: “An Ethan Orr Supporter Sticks Up for His Candidate

Mr. Downing's writings have Ethan Orr’s fingerprints of ‘just listen to what I say, do NOT check the facts” all over his commentary.

I found the duck/scorpion tale most amusing, and easy to dispute.

What one doesn’t know is that this particular duck (the erstwhile Mr. Orr) has webbed feet of clay and is being carried across the river by a hidden school of radically conservative Republican fish.
Facts are facts. Let’s review:

Medicaid expansion,
Orr voted ‘yes’ on Medicaid expansion in 2013.
BUT, in 2014 Orr then voted for a bill that would have thrown over 450,000 low-income adults off Medicaid. A bill so mean-spirited that Gov Brewer vetoed it.
Where’s his discussion of this vote?

SB 1062
Orr voted ‘no’ against SB 1062 during a time when it was OBVIOUS that a ‘yes’ vote would raise voter ire.
BUT, four months earlier Orr voted YES on HB 1178; the EXACT SAME discriminatory bill.
In addition, Orr would not throw his support behind any Democratic bills that would have expanded the prohibition against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
Where’s his discussion of this vote?

Legalization of Marijuana
Orr would not support nor sponsor Rep. Ruben Gallego’s bill to legalize marijuana.
BUT OH WAIT, when an election season comes around and it appears this might get him some press he comes out in support of marijuana legalization. Where’s his discussion of this vote?

But, I find Mr. Downing’s last comment the most disheartening:

“While the two democratic candidates are both kind and well meaning, their ability to function, have any meaningful impact on the debate, or achieve objectives is absolutely restricted by the Republican dominated majority almost 100% of the time.”

Interesting I agree with him on this one; the Republicans will NOT allow anything that goes against their ideological stands to move forward. This is EXACTLY why we must change the conversation by changing the make-up of the House.

The Dr Friese for House campaign simply asks that voters make an informed choice by reading the facts, not just a fable presented by Mr. Orr via Mr. Downing.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 10/30/2014 at 10:56 AM

Re: “My (Probably) Last Post About The LD-9 Race (But Don't Hold Me To It)

Yes, to protect women's rights, fund our public schools, make it easier to vote, protect our environment and find real solutions to gun violence we MUST elect Dr. Randy Friese and Victoria Steele to represent LD-9. Dr. Friese and Ms. Steele very clearly articulate where they stand on the important issues.

Mr. Orr's history of 'saying one thing and doing the opposite' is a sharp, and disconcerting, contrast.

Some examples:
--At the LD-9 debate said 'there is a misconception that i'm against background checks for guns', next day the Arizona Daily Star printed his questionnaire where he said he was AGAINST BACKGROUND CHECKS. He voted for the 'guns everywhere bill' and in 2014 has 100% NRA voting record.
--implies that his opinion on abortion doesn't really matter by stating, 'it is settled law'. But then signs the Center for Arizona Policy proclamation stating that he believes Roe vs Wade is unconstitutional and that he will work to protect the life of the fetus at every stage.
--In 2014 he voted for bill that would have thrown over 450,000 people off Medicaid. A bill so horrible, Jan Brewer vetoed it. (This was after his loud announcement that he voted for Medicaid in 2013.)
--Says he stands up for education but has voted five times to take taxpayer money out of public schools and give the money to private and religious schools.
--Very quietly voted YES in committee on SB 1178 (a bill that would have allowed discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs) but loudly publicized his NO vote on SB 1062 (same bill content) when everyone had already come out against the bill.
Please make an informed choice. Vote for Dr. Randy Friese and Victoria Steele.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 10/27/2014 at 1:17 PM

Re: “Foothills Fracas

I attended both debates for LD-9 and the reporter's conclusion that:
"the issues surrounding the district were agreeably education, the economy and getting the budget back under control." could not be more wrong.

The reporter completely dismisses the issues of women's reproductive health and firearms. During the Oct. 6 debate a great deal of time was spent on both those issues.

The views held by the candidates on these issues were starkly different and elicited a great deal of response from the crowd.

Dr. Friese has been a champion of protecting the rights of women to make their OWN health care decisions for decades. In fact, he was the only NON-INCUMBENT to receive an early endorsement from Planned Parenthood. Dr. Friese also has spoken out about the need to address gun violence as a public health issue. In fact, Dr. Friese was one of the physicians that successfully lobbied to have Arizona join the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS), and he will be sitting on the Board of that organization. This is a scientific way of gathering facts to help make decisions on how to lower gun violence and other violent death statistics.

One of the first things Mr. Orr did when he arrived at the Legislature was to sign the CENTER FOR ARIZONA POLICY's (Cathi Herrod's organization) proclamation stating that ROE VS WADE was unconstitutional and that he would work to outlaw abortion in all instances (this includes rape and incest).

Mr. Orr has 100% voting record with the NRA. He DOES NOT support background checks (even though in the LD-9 debate he said that there seemed to be a 'misconception is that he doesn't support background checks' ...within the next week the Arizona Daily Star posted his questionnaire with the clear answer that he DOES NOT SUPPORT BACKGROUND CHECKS.

When discussing the economy Dr. Friese clearly articulated his plan. Mr. Orr's discussed the fact that he is a Republican and Tucson needs to have a Republican to have a 'seat at the table' (of the Republican caucus).
Dr. Friese rightly pointed out: THE PEOPLE at the current table are the ones that got us into the mess in the first place; the table is broken. We need a new table and new faces.

This next legislative session may well see more bills against equality (such as SB 1062), and certainly Cathi Herrod will be lobbying hard for more restrictions for choice.

This is NOT a discussion about who is a nice person. This is about WHO IS THE RIGHT person.

Mr. Orr is definitely not the right person to serve as LD-9's representative. His views are extreme and his votes will continue to be 90% with this radically conservative Republican caucus. In fact, he will be a voice for anti-choice views and continue to support the NRA's roadblock towards background checks for firearms.

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Posted by CherylAZ on 10/23/2014 at 7:48 AM

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