Change Is Afoot

Some information worth sharing this week ...

• We recently made some tweaks to; please check it out. We accomplished three goals with the changes:

1. There's more content on the front page, yet the page still looks clean. The front page includes all of the content that it had before, as well as a link to the latest post; a Spotlight feature that, well, spotlights different Weekly stories; and easier access to our events, music, movie and restaurant listings.

2. The content will be fresher. Before the tweaks, the only thing that changed on our front page more than once a week was the link to the latest blog post; now, you'll note changes as listings are added, as the blog and are updated, and as the Spotlight feature rotates.

3. There are more ads. (We like to pay our bills and compensate our employees and freelancers.) To that end, we have more ad spots on the site. I think readers and advertisers will be happy with the way the ads are prominent, but not overbearing.

Check out, and as always, let me know if you have any feedback.

• Speaking of Web sites ... Thursday, March 6, will be Sean Fitzpatrick's last official day on the job as the corporate Web dude. Fitz--whose official title is/was the director of new media for Wick Communications, the Weekly's parent company--is leaving for a can't-refuse job with the UA Science Center. Sean was integral in the launch of one of the many, many things he's accomplished for the Weekly and our sister papers.

While we'll miss Sean--who promises to remain involved with the Weekly (and I'm holding him to that promise)--we don't expect to skip a beat, because the new corporate Web dude is the ever-talented Peter Bakke, who's been Wick's Web developer.

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