Movies are a modern development. It was only a century ago--the first week of April, 1902, in Los Angeles--that the first motion picture theater opened.

The first movies to be shown in that theater, black and white and soundless, were The Capture of the Biddle Brothers and New York in a Blizzard, according to The Arizona Republic. Cost to get in: a dime.

Today, it costs a little more than that, but you can buy popcorn and we have much bigger screens and lots of sound speakers and colors galore--well, you get the picture.

The guy who gets the picture for us, or should I say for you, is James DiGiovanna, our film critic. This week he writes about Y Tu Mama Tambien, a Mexican film that explores male adolescence.

We also publish film clips--brief reviews by local critics--for a variety of movies showing in town. We also provide film times for the various theaters, up to date as of Tuesday evening.

We caution, though: Call the theater in advance to assure that the movie you wish to see is showing at the advertised time. Films and times do change, and we don't want to ruin your evening--so please, call ahead.

And enjoy the show.