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The Arizona Legislature is less than a month into the 2022 session, but we’re already seeing plenty of terrible bills making their way through the process. In this week’s Currents section, we bring you an Arizona Mirror report about a bill that would require teachers to out LGBTQ kids to their parents. We wish we lived in a world where kids didn’t have to keep secrets about their sexuality from their family, but while things are much better for LGBTQ community than they were even a generation ago, many kids still fear how their parents will react. They should be afforded some measure of privacy, be allowed to trust their teachers and not live in fear of being ratted out.

That’s just one of many bad bills under consideration. There’s a ban on even talking about gays and lesbians, along with other deranged education bills; there are disturbing election bills that would allow lawmakers to override election results, end mail-in ballots and press criminal charges against election workers who make clerical errors; and much more. 

Two great ways to follow what’s happening up there: The aforementioned Arizona Mirror, a nonprofit online news agency; and the Arizona Agenda, a Substack project by occasional TW contributor Hank Stephenson and Rachel Leingang. Both are worthy of your attention and, if you have some bucks to spare, your support. Keeping an eye on our lawmakers’ shenanigans is vital, especially these days.

On a lighter note, it’s just a joy to watch the UA women’s basketball team at work. Under Coach Adia Barnes, this is a team of champions; as of press time, the squad’s record was 15-3 and a post-season berth seems likely. Jake Dean tells you why you should starting rooting for them now, if you aren’t already, in this week’s cover story.

Elsewhere in the issue: We welcome Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith back as he catches up with one of Tucson’s many homeless residents; Sonoran Explorin’ columnist Emily Dieckman finds out where you can find old hotel furniture if you’re looking to feel like you’re staying at the Hilton; UA School of Journalism intern Allison Fagan introduces you to folk singer Ellanora Dellerba, who has just released a new album; XOXO columnist Xavier Omar Otero tells you where to rock this week; staff reporter Alexandra Pere looks at efforts to support people who are behind bars for marijuana arrests; and there’s more scattered throughout the book, so turn the page and get busy.

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