CANNABIS BOWL 2021: Munchies Madness: 15 of the best places to go when you need a snack

Marijuana and the munchies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Is there anything better than stocking up on your favorite snacks, getting baked and binge-watching Xena: Warrior Princess until you slip into a food coma? (If there is, I have yet to experience it). Considering the Old Pueblo is a bonafide UNESCO City of Gastronomy and we have The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food in the U.S., Tucsonans are riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels when it comes to food options when stoned. We tried our best to narrow it down to the best 15 places while encompassing a variety of comfort food. However, this city has too many good eating establishments to choose from—not that we're saying that's a bad thing. Enjoy this list as a suggestion from your friends at Tucson Weekly.

Personally, we can't wait until Tucson's restaurants can start cooking with THC because we're positive the results would be amazing. But until then, these places will treat you right when you come down with a case of the munchies this 4/20.

One last thing—make sure to pick up your snacks before you get stoned, or get a ride-share service, or order delivery, or offer to buy your sober friend some munchies if they'll drive you. Be safe out there this Tuesday.

4th Avenue Deli
425 N. Fourth Ave., 520-624-3354

Full disclosure: I used to own this place. But don't let that distract you from the fact 4th Avenue Deli has some of the best stoner food at prices stoners don't mind paying. Whether it's sandwiches, subs, hot dogs, all the way down to the sides and desserts—everything here is super fresh and dank AF. You can't go wrong with a few Chicago dogs or the deli's world-famous meatball sub topped with provolone cheese. The prices are so cheap, you'll still have enough for a pre-roll at Downtown Dispensary later. When you want the chronic, go see Kylie and the crew at the 4th Avenue Deli.

Arte Bella on 4th Ave
340 N. Fourth Ave., 520-449-4870

Arte Bella on 4th Ave is a new addition to the historic shopping district and it looks like it will be a good one, too. Located in the former Cans Deli space, this place combines the perfect trinity of art, food and marijuana to create a mellow atmosphere laced with expressiveness. On 4/20, Arte Bella on 4th Ave will be hosting a celebration featuring live music, glow-in-the-dark painting and craft-making sessions. Their restaurant, Fully Love's, will be serving burgers, vegan burgers, fries, sides and desserts. They have a cannabis-friendly area in the back, but it is BYOB—Bring Your Own Bud.

Barrio Bread
18 S Eastbourne Ave., 520-327-1292

When it comes to classic munchies, is there anything more satisfying than fresh-baked bread? Since arriving on the scene in 8000 BC Egypt, bread has been a staple in the lives of humans to stave off you know it will do the trick when those 4/20 munchies come grumbling. When it comes to finding the absolute best, fresh-baked bread in the Old Pueblo, those in the know go to Barrio Bread. We suggest getting there early to pick up a Birote—a Guadalajara style crusty bread—as they come right out of the oven. It's a perfect opportunity to have a wake-and-bake session and then take an Uber over to the bakery!

Brooklyn Pizza
354 N. Fourth Ave, 520-622-6868

Who doesn't like a huge slice of pizza after burning a joint? Whether you're picking up a slice or whole pie, Fourth Avenue's Brooklyn Pizza Company has everything needed to satisfy your cravings. But this pizza joint doesn't stop there. They also serve up calzones, subs, hot wings, pasta dishes and more. If you're still needing to consume mass quantities, Brooklyn Pizza has fantastic frozen desserts like gelato, sorbetto or Italian ice or grab a six-pack to take home with you on the way out. The best part is this place is easy on the wallet.

434 N. Fourth Ave., 520-624-5765

If classic Italian food is what you crave when you're high, then Caruso's is where you need to be. Since the 1930s, Caruso's has been serving up some of the best Italian favorites the Old Pueblo has ever tasted. We suggest getting a seat on their patio and ordering the Caruso Special—spaghetti, meatballs and a combination of meat and cheese ravioli, topped with Caruso sauce. Fun fact: All the red Caruso sauce that has been served at the restaurant has been made in the same copper pot that has been in use since the restaurant first opened.

Rollies Mexican Patio
4573 S. 12th Ave, 520-300-6289

This taqueria located on South 12th Avenue is absolutely divine. If you've never been there, Rollies Mexican Patio could quite possibly be THE place you need to get your munchies-relieving food from on 4/20. Start with the rolled tacos topped with either queso or rojo sauce (or both), move on to the birria cheesecrisp burger and take home a carne asada burro for the late-night sesh. Come find out why Chef Matteo Otero was voted Best Chef in Tucson Weekly's Best of Tucson—two years in a row (2019 and 2020).

Rocco's Little Chicago
2707 E. Broadway Blvd., 520-321-1860

Rocco's Little Chicago is a mecca for Italian comfort food. Specializing in Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, pastas, calzones, Italian beef sandwiches and chicken wings, Rocco's is going to make sure you don't leave hungry. Our recommendation: smoke a joint before you go, get a Lyft to the pizzaria, order an 18-piece basket of hot wings, the U505 classic Italian sub, a Great Chicago Fire deep-dish pie, two Old Style in the can (if they got it) and proceed to grub down like you were Todd O'Conner on Bill Swerski's Superfans. Da Bears!

The Royal Room
450 N. Sixth Ave., 520-347-7023

Not everyone who gets a weed-induced snack attack wants to eat heavy. For those who would rather nosh on a bowl of Castelvetrano olives with a glass of wine or craft beer, we offer The Royal Room. This place serves up delicious sandwiches, cheesy tater tots and quick bites that pair well with your favorite merlot. If you're looking for a chill environment to grab a bite and converse with friends, this is where to be on 4/20.

Frog and Firkin
874 E. University Blvd., 520-623-7507

If you find yourself stoned and on campus, go to Frog and Firkin. Featuring an extensive menu of English pub fare and pizza as well as 75 of the finest imported beers this great wide world has to offer. Did we mention their patio? It's one of the best on University Boulevard to enjoy the sunshine and people watch. Pro tip: try their fish and chips!

Cheba Hut
1820 E. Sixth St., 520-495-4719

Weed-centric Cheba Hut is the place where the younger college crowd congregates every 4/20. Located near the University of Arizona stadium, this ganja den specializes in every kind of sandwich you could ever want when stoned (or sober) and perfect munchies from teriyaki meatballs to a spicy hummus platter and everything in between. Cheba Hut also has you covered when you got cottonmouth. Enjoy a watermelon Kool-Aid or an adult beverage at their bar. To be honest, every day is 4/20 at Cheba Hut so make sure to put this place on your regular munchie list.

Serial Grillers
Multiple Locations

When you're in the need of some killer food, Serial Grillers does not disappoint. This horror movie-themed restaurant offers a little of everything: burgers, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, pizza, calzones, sandwiches, salads and some of the most murderously delicious cheesesteaks you've ever tasted. They also have an extensive collection of craft beers from around the county. With four locations throughout Pima County, Serial Grillers will slay your cravings but not slash your wallet. If it's your first time there, go with the Hannibal cheesesteak with a side of tater tots and an IPA.

Amy's Donuts
101 E. Fort Lowell Road, 520-647-2481

There are few things better than a good donut when you've got the munchies. Amy's Donuts has one of the biggest selections of fresh-baked, gourmet donuts that could satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Sure, Amy's has got all the traditional donuts you could ever want, but where this place really shines is with their gourmet menu. Our standard order: two Cinnamon Toast Crunch donuts, two Cocoa Pebbles donuts, two cotton candy, three Chief Wiggum's, 3 Elvis and one Cookie Monster (for the kids, of course). Make someone's day and take a baker's dozen over to a friend's house this 4/20.

2526 E. Sixth St., 520-240-6947
402 E. Fourth Ave., (520) 392-0224

Trying Tumerico just once will make even the most diehard carnivores consider adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle. This gem offers outstanding vegan and vegetarian Latin food options like tacos al pastor made with jackfruit, sweet potato curry, tamales, mole enchiladas and more. If you're looking for breakfast, Tumerico also serves up huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, machaca con huevos and barbacoa (substitute tofu instead of eggs to keep it vegan). For drinks, they offer many options such as fresh juice, turmeric lemonade and even a CBD latte. (You can add CBD to any drink.) With two locations to serve you, make Tumerico on your list of places to grab a bite at this Tuesday.

El Guero Canelo
Multiple Locations

We're not sure what it is about getting stoned and eating a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno sauce and mayo, but it's one of the best experiences you can have for under $5 (not including the cost of the herb). El Guero Canelo's Sonoran dogs are simply legendary and they're conveniently located throughout Tucson. The problem: Their tacos and burritos are also dynamite. The solution: Smoke some more weed and you'll have an appetite for everything. We suggest getting one sammy dog, two carne asada tacos and a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola. Your munchies won't know what hit them.

La Michoacana
3774 S. Sixth Ave., 520-372-2847

La Michoacana stands out as a paletaria you need to check out this 4/20. Specializing in paletas in all flavors imaginable, real fruit juices, ensalada de frutas, agua frescas, licuados con leche (fruit milkshake) and licuados con agua (fruit smoothies), this place will please your palate when the cottonmouth comes. Make sure to try a paleta or two first and grab a limonada agua fresca on the way out.

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