Cannabis Bowl 2018

And the winners are...


Best Dispensary

Earth's Healing
2075 E. Benson Highway

It was a very close competition, but Earth's Healing came out on top among our readers. The southside dispensary carries a wide variety of everything you'd expect: fresh bud, edibles, vapes, shatter and all the rest. They sure must be doing something right: They're opening a new location at River Road and Stone Avenue this weekend. Big congrats on the expansion.

Second Place: D2
Third Place: Green Halo

Best Budtender

Tall Paul
Earth's Healing, 2075 E. Benson Highway

Tall Paul has been with Earth's Healing for nearly three years and feels, after stints working as a tech and other jobs in healthcare, that he's finally found his callling. As he puts it, "The job found me. I didn't seek it out." He enjoys having the chance to help patients who come through the doors looking for relief. "I am honored to be able to give high-quality meds to great people," he says. "I love my patients, and I love everyone. I want people to be happy and enjoy their time on this earth."

Second Place: C.J. Duke (Nature Med)
Third Place: Arsenio Aguirre (Earth's Healing)

Best Delivery Service

Earth's Healing
2075 E. Benson Highway

Sometimes, you get a case of couchlock and just don't want to drive to the dispensary. Fortunately, many of the local dispensaries will deliver right to your doorstep. Our readers picked Earth's Healing as the top service. (Well, after we disqualified some of the illegal delivery services, anyway.) They deliver between 1 and 6 p.m., so get your order in between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and your medicine will arrive faster than an Amazon package. There's a $10 fee if you're spending less than $100, a $5 fee if you're spending between $101 and $200, and it's free if you spend more than $200. Exact change only!

Second Place: Desert Bloom
Third Place: Green Halo

Best Certification Center

Tumbleweeds Health Center
4826 E. Broadway Blvd.

If you're ready to get legal—or stay that way ahead of your card's one-year expiration—you can make your way to midtown's Tumbleweeds Health Center. The friendly and welcoming staff will walk you through all the steps and teach you all about the healing properties of marijuana. It will cost you $249, which includes various government costs. (And it will be an extra $50 if you don't have your medical records and need an evaluation from one of Tumbleweed's docs.) It may sound steep at first glance, but it's a whole lot cheaper than getting busted. And if you can't get out of the house, they even make house calls.

Second Place: Dr. Reeferalz

Best MMJ Doc

Heather Moroso

Heather Moroso's work with HIV/AIDS patients has taught her a lot about compassion. And that compassion translates into her work as a naturopath who helps patients get certified as legal medical marijuana cardholders. She's pioneering the push to remove the stigma from marijuana use—and she's doing it her way. As she told the Weekly last year: "It's okay to go against the grain. Sometimes the greatest ideas in the world come that way."

Second Place: George Huggins
Third Place: Joshua Reillly

Best Waiting Room

2728 E. Grant Road

Remember when the late Tom Petty—may he rest in peace—said that the waiting is the hardest part? It doesn't have to be so hard at Harvest, where you can gaze through a big glass window at the various wares for sale in the showroom. This Phoenix-based dispensary is a new player in town, but is already impressing our readers with a low-key but comfortable waiting room.

Second Place: Earth's Healing
Third Place: Green Halo

Best Customer Service

Earth's Healing
2075 E. Benson Highway

The steady stream of customers tells you that Earth's Healing has a great reputation in the medical marijuana community. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to serve your needs and can guide you through the options you have when you choose your medicine.

Second Place: Green Halo
Third Place: Tumbleweeds

Best Pre-Roll

click to enlarge Cannabis Bowl 2018
Pre rolls from Earth's Healing top the list

Earth's Healing
2075 E. Benson Highway

To ensure freshness, Earth's Healing budtenders weigh out nuggets in front of patients instead of selling pre-packed bags of weed. So when the bud in those jars runs low, the remaining bud is sent back to the warehouse to be packed into one-gram pre-rolls that cost $10. Depending on the supply, you can sometimes buy strain-specific—indica, sativa or hybrid—and sometimes it's just dealer's choice.

Second Place: Green Halo
Third Place: Desert Bloom

Best New Patient Special

5390 W. Ina Road

Marana's NatureMed offers new patients their choice of three specials with your first purchase: If you want to keep it simple, you can get a free, fat, one-gram pre-roll; if you're more interested in concentrate, you can BOGO yourself a free 500mg Golden Vape with the purchase of one; or if you're more into edibles, you can get a 30mg honey stick or hard candy.

Second Place: Earth's Healing
Third Place: Desert Bloom

Best Daily Specials

Desert Bloom
8060 E 22nd St., suite 108

Desert Bloom has a number of specials every day: If you're an early riser or a late-night shopper, you can take advantage of the Wake N Bake discount of 15 percent on all concentrates between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. A purchase of four pre-rolls always gets you a fifth for free. You can celebrate your birthday with the gift of a free gram. And if you're a senior, veteran or student, you always get 10 percent off regularly priced product.

Second Place: Earth's Healing
Third Place: Green Halo

Strains & Brands

Best Indica Strains

Chronic Thunder

Chronic Thunder is a mix of two strains: Chronic and Alaskan Thunder Fuck. The end result has a strong and earthy bouquet with hints of diesel and promises to put you into couch lock after smoking, so plan to set up your Netflix and chill if this is your jam.

Second Place: Larry OG
Third Place: Redberry Kush

Best Sativa Flower

Green Crack

A descendent of Skunk No. 1 flavored with hints of citrus, Green Crack is a real crowd-pleaser for the Sativa crowd seeking a lot of chatter, laughs and mental stimulation.

Second Place: Gorilla Glue #4
Third Place: Sour Diesel

Best Hybrid Flower

Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a cross between indica strain Blueberry and sativa strain Haze, has a sweet berry flavor that will adjust to both feed your head and relax your body. No surprise to see that this rising superstar is the favorite hybrid of Tucsonans this year.

Second Place: Grape LA
Third Place: Jenny Kush

Best CBD Flower

Arianna #4

Arianna #4 is the creation of Nature's AZ Medicine & Growth Management. It's a pungent bud high in CBD, which means it does a lot to ease your aches while still allowing you to keep a clear head, so it's no surprise that it comes out on top with our readers, as well as capturing top honors for Best Dispensary CBD flower at the 2017 Errl Cup.

Second Place: Champatsu
Third Place: Critical Mass

Best Baked Edible


Sublime infuses its gourmet brownies, lemon bars, sweet and savory pretzels, rice crispy treats and other products with a house-made concentrate that ensures a potent delivery of medicine. Just be careful that when the munchies hit, you don't try to eat another one of your dosed brownies—you don't want to end up curled up on the couch all night.

Second Place: Flourish
Third Place: Green Halo

Best Candy Edible

Baked Bros Gummies

Baked Brothers sticks with what they know: a line of hand-infused gummies, peach rings and watermelon rings, both sweet and sour. The candies are hand-infused with hash oil rather than sprayed with THC, so the quality is always solid. This could be the sweetest buzz you'll ever have.

Second Place: Cannabliss Medical Gummies
Third Place: PURE caramels

Best Liquid Edible

Baked Bros

Beside the candy treats, Baked Bros also crafts a pourable THC syrup that can speed up the effects as compared to the typical edible. It comes in a variety of flavors, including grape, watermelon and cherry, and is made with all-natural fruit extracts without artificial ingredients. It's little wonder that the folks at Phoenix New Times gave this a Best of Phoenix award in 2016.

Second Place: Newtons
Third: House of Jane infused teas

Best Topical

Chronic Health Pain Releaf Ointment

It's really amazing how much pain relief comes from using Pain Re-Leaf Ointment. We've heard rave reviews of vanishing muscle soreness with the application of this stuff and people suffering chronic pain often discover they feel better than they have in years.

Second Place: CDB Wellness
Third Place: iLava Touch

Best Sativa Concentrate

Agent Orange Sauce

Concentrates are where it's at these days in the weed community—and Agent Orange Sauce tops the sativa varieties among Tucson Weekly readers this year.

Second Place: Earth Extracts
Third Place: Need a Sativa

Best Indica Concentrate

Chronic Thunder

Good ol' Chronic Thunder is a favorite among sativa strains, so it's hardly a surprise to find that its concentrated form is also a hit.

Second Place: MPX
Third Place: DB Citrus Berry

Best Hybrid Concentrate

Grape LA

While making a concentrate will remove the terpines that give Grape LA its unique flavor, the effects are still spectacular: an indica-heavy high that will keep your body relaxed.

Second Place: Larry OG Shatter
Third Place: Moe OG

Best CBD Concentrate


For those days when you want some relief from pain but still need a clear head, Timeless' CBD concentrate is just what the doctor ordered.

Second Place: DB Shirley Temple Shatter

Best Vape Pen

click to enlarge Cannabis Bowl 2018
Timeless has the best vape pen

Timeless boasts that it creates cannabis concentrate that is solvent free and simply flavored with natural terpines—which means you're getting as close to the plant as you can in a concentrate. The emphasis on quality has clearly won over Tucson Weekly readers.

Second Place: High Grate
Third Place: Earthvape.

Our thanks to for the help in understanding the lineage of these strains.

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