Last year was our first Cannabis Bowl, a chance for all medical marijuana patients to let us know their favorite products, people and places all related to our local MMJ community. This year, we're back for a second year and happily on 4/20. Thanks for participating and letting us know your favorites, and big thanks to our MMJ writer and columnist Nick Meyers, who wrote this year's Tucson Weedly cover story on local women in weed. Get smoking.

Places & People

Best Dispensary

Earth's Healing

2075 E. Benson Highway

First of all, they have a drawing right now for customers to win tickets to Pink Floyd. Maybe that's all that needs to be written and everyone would understand why our MMJ readers chose Earth's Healing as the best dispensary this year. But we also know that what there are many special things about this low-key dispensary, like great delivery services, loyalty discounts for customers, and a great range of products, including many of their own concentrates.

Second: Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center

Third: Botanica

Best Budtender

George Sawyer

George has a bright wide smile, but that can't be the only thing you need in order to be voted Best Budtender—second year in a row. Congrats, George for leading the way. We understand that George is one of those people who makes customers feel special. Budtenders are considered one of the most important people at a dispensary—the first person you interact with that has to understand the variety of weed out there, what it can do to you, and the most important detail: How it can help what ails you.

Second: Johnny at Earth's Healing

Third: Arsenio Aguirre

Best Certification Center

Tumbleweeds Health Center

4826 E. Broadway Blvd

Congratulations, Tumbleweeds, recognized by our MMJ readers for a second year as Best Certification Center. For some people new to weed, but facing a serious illness or debilitating health issue, figuring out the state process to apply for a new patient medical marijuana card can seem daunting. Tumbleweeds remain known for having a friendly staff that answers all those questions and help process card applications with ease.

Second: Dr. Reeferalz

Third: Moroso Medical Center

Best MMJ Doc

Heather Moroso

Moroso Medical Center

548 E. Speedway Blvd.

This is Dr. Moroso second year as Best MMJ Doc by our smart MMJ readers who know her to be caring and kind. Moroso, who's had a naturopathic practice in Tucson since 2003, moved into a new space on Speedway Boulevard, helping her practice grow. In 2006, she won new volunteer of the year award from the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, and she's served on several boards with the mission to help and serve. In 2007, she helped start Positively Beautiful, an organization that helps people living with HIV/AIDS looks and feel their best. In the medical marijuana world, this doc is considered a friend and champion, helping people through the certification process and understanding their condition.

Second: Dr. Brown

Third: Bruce Sadiek

Best Delivery

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center

8060 E. 22nd St., #108

When you walk into Desert Bloom, right away you recognize that this is a place that makes marijuana and information a priority, so it isn't surprising that this year our MMJ readers picked them for Best Delivery. This is a seven-days-a-week business, open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., making medical marijuana available for patients when they need it. The far-eastside location doesn't interfere with appealing to medical marijuana patients from all over the Old Pueblo.

Second: Earth's Healing

Third: Cathy's Compassion Center

Best Educational Center

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center

8060 E. 22nd St., #108
When you walk into Desert Bloom, right away you recognize that this is a place that makes marijuana and information a priority. Unlike a few other dispensaries out there, this spot doesn’t try to hide the fact that medical marijuana, in all its incarnations, is sold here and that helping people in need is what they do best. Their motto is “For the patients … by the patients,” rings true when you step inside.
Second: Tumbleweeds
Third: Earth’s Healing

Best Waiting Room

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center
8060 E. 22nd St., #108

Unpretentious without an intention of hiding the fact that you are there as a medical marijuana patient. When you walk into Desert Bloom, right away you recognize that this is a place where helping people in need is what they do best.
Second: Earth’s Healing
Third: Botanica

Best Customer Service

Earth’s Healing
2075 E. Benson Highway

For a second year now, our MMJ readers have chosen Earth’s Healing as Best Customer Service. Local dispensaries put education at the top with good information backed by facts and science. Earth’s Healing has this reputation, plus putting the customer first.
Second: Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center
Third: Botanica


Best Indica Flower

Grape LA
This is a hybrid from Grapefruit and Afghani Indica. Reviewed as a relaxing and slightly sedative Indica with a heaving body stone. Perfect for after a hard day or looking for a good night’s sleep.
Second: GDP
Third: Larry OG

Best Sativa Flower

Pineapple Express
A combo of the Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains, this Sativa is suppose to smell a bit like apple and mango, with a pineapple, pine and cedar taste. Want an energetic buzz to help during those creative times, then this buds for you.
Second: Green Crack
Third: Sour Diesel

Best Hybrid Flower

Space Bomb
This is mostly a Sativa strain cross of Tiny Bomb and Space Queen. A fruit candy smell with a mild potency that could be perfect for first-timers, but also great for patients who need to increase appetite.
Second: Blue Dream
Third: Jenny Cush

Best CBD Flower

Critical Mass
The medicinal version has a reputation for long-lasting relief that’s good for treating insomnia, pain and depression.
Second: Champatsu
Third: Lemon Head

Best Baked Edible

Baked Bros
Their tag line is Dedication to Medication. Well, OK, but our readers seem to just like the fact that their edibles taste yummy. Their Sour Kush Kids infused with hash oil have received lots of rave reviews and come in three different strengths.
Second: Aunt Ellie’s Brownies
Third: Flourish Smores

Best Candy Edible

Cannabliss Gummies
Locally made by Green Halo, this line of medicated snacks is a local favorite by our readers. Other products include popcorn snacks, caramel candies, and more. Yum.
Second: Sour Gummy Especiallies
Third: Bakes Bros Peach Rings

Best Topical

CBD Wellness
Relief in the world of MMJ products come in many different forms. Our readers like this CBD-rich pain relieving salve that offers fast, long lasting relief.
Second: RSO
Third: Chronic Health

Best Sativa Concentrate

Pineapple Express Shatter
According to reviews, this shatter is sweet and very strong—little goes a long way.
Second: Agent Orange
Third: Space Bomb

Best Indica Concentrate

Grape LA Shatter
MMJ patients want to treat the symptoms, but they want to think and maybe have some good convos too. This shatter provides that perfect head buzz that makes relaxation sound like the smartest thing you’ve ever done.
Second: Chronic Thunder
Third: Gorilla Glue

Best Hybrid Concentrate

Animal Cookies Shatter
This shatter comes from the Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strain that produces Animal Cookies. Full-body effects that’s good for severe pain and insomnia.
Second: Blue Dream
Third: Martian Mean

Best Non-Solvent Hash

Earth Gold Oil
There is a complex system in creating non-solvent concentrates, also known as distillates. The work involved in extracting the plant material is suppose to provide refine pure cannabinoid and THC rich product.
Second: Hippie Hash
Third: OG Kush Rosin

Best Vape Pen

This little prepackaged pens are perfect way to get the drug delivery you need in a discrete way. You screw in the liquid medications and go from there. The only that come directly from Tucson, made by the food folks at Earth’s Healing.
Second: The Clear
Third: O Pen

Best CBD Concentrate

Campatsu Shatter
While this strain is low in THC, it is high in canniboids—the kind of strains that are making scientists look at marijuana for its life-changing and life-saving qualifies for those with seizures and other illnesses.
Second: CBD Wellness
Third: Critical Mass Shatter

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