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The delivery option is great, but privacy issues and a lack of selection are a problem for Green Farmacy

Bisbee is known for a lot of things around Arizona.

Quirky bars and artsy characters abound in the tiny, touristy, 19th-century mining town nestled in the hills an easy glance north of the Land of Cartels. Character, both human and inanimate, flows freely through every hilly, bendy, curvy street, and there is an intangible air of freedom there. It kind of makes you want to smoke a joint, if you have ever used cannabis for any reason.

But Bisbee will likely never be known for its cannabis dispensary.

The tiny Green Farmacy is a simple affair in a free-standing commercial building near the intersection of Naco Highway and state Highway 92. Look for the old ALCO sign; it's way more visible than the Green Farmacy one. They had a questionable selection on the two days I went in—one sativa and one indica strain, plus indica pre-rolls.


Be ready to feel a little exposed if you go. Parking is right there in front of God and everyone, including a parade of Border Patrol agents streaming up and down Naco Highway to and from the border wall. It was slightly weird getting in and out of a car in front of all those federal agents.

But I say, Fuck Them.

People who know me know I'm not a hater, so I'm not hating on the Border Patrol or the presumably human beings who populate it. But I hope and will assume that the new federal stance of Do What You Wantism prevails as they watch me get out of my car at the Green Farmacy.

It that realistic? Dunno.

The Farmacy offers one significant benefit that I have yet to tap. For $10, they will deliver, according to their website.

Go. Green. Farmacy.

I live on a secluded piece of land these days, miles from anywhere, unless you consider Palominas anywhere, with a front-backyard that looks at nothing. I can't see another house from my patio, let alone a dispensary. So I hope to tap the Green Farmacy's willingness to bring me the meds I need way out here in the Land That Looks Out at the Land of Cartels.


The bottom line is that the Farmacy has a potentially nice little niche business going. Many, many thousands of tourists come to party in Bisbee every year. The Bisbee 1,000 (a foot race that includes more than 1,000 stairs) drew about 2,000 runners in October, and the town's mining history draws a steady stream of weekenders from across the state and around the world.

A second visit to the Farmacy the day after the Bisbee 1,000 showed a severely depleted inventory—again just two strains. The bud tender explained the narrow choice by saying the race patrons had cleaned them out. As of Halloween, the Farmacy had 10 strains. That's respectable.

In the end, the Farmacy is a perfect little addition to a perfect little town. Bisbee will always be a destination for tourists, some of whom will want to pick up some meds when they get there ...

Or have some delivered to the hotel.

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