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Happy December, everyone. Some important things to know:

• A reader recently informed us that her company had gotten an e-mail solicitation from the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA). The e-mail claimed that her company had won a 2008 Best of Tucson Award, and--among other things--gave the company a chance to "order" a plaque or something.

This solicitation has nothing to do with the real Best of Tucson™, a registered trademark we own and vigorously defend after more than two decades of producing the Best of Tucson™. Please, if you ever get a solicitation like this involving Best of Tucson™, do what this reader did: Let us know.

Our lawyer sent the USLBA a letter informing them that using the Best of Tucson™ name was not appropriate. (It's worth noting that, according to the Better Business Bureau, the USLBA has been making similar vanity-award offers across the country; you can learn more online.)

A big thank you to Lisa, the reader who let us know about the USLBA solicitation.

• If you are involved in any way with a New Year's dinner, concert or special event, please let us know ASAP. We're publishing a comprehensive guide to Tucson New Year's goings-on in the Dec. 25 issue--and we need the information soon, thanks to early holiday deadlines.

Please send the 411 on special dinners and food-related events to Karyn Zoldan no later than Saturday, Dec. 13 (and please copy the listings desk).

For music-related events, please e-mail Stephen Seigel at no later than Friday, Dec. 12 (and--again--copy the listings desk).

For anything else New Year's-related, e-mail the listings desk no later than noon on Monday, Dec. 15.

Thanks for the help!

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