The big issue is here, our annual Best of Tucson® supplement featuring your choices--and ours--for what's best around town.

If efforts to stuff the ballot box are a measure, people really care what you think is best. The winner of this year's Best Failed Attempt to Stuff the Ballot Box:

The person or persons who sent us more than 150 identical ballots in identical envelopes (at 57 cents a pop) bearing the mailing permit of a local business. We didn't count those ballots, but KIIM radio--the city's most popular, according to Arbitron ratings--won best country radio station anyway. The other stations and personalities listed on those ballots were losers.

Who went to all that trouble? Somebody at the local office of Citadel Communications, which owns KIIM, Rock 107.5, "Cat Country" 97.5 and other radio stations. We found that out by filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the U.S. Postal Service to discover who owned the mailing permit.

Thanks to James Reel, who edited B.O.T., turning the cacophony of our many writers into sweet music. And to Rand Carlson, art director for this issue, who reminds us that album-cover art once was as inspiring as the tunes inside. Kudos to all who contributed to B.O.T.--especially Jim Nintzel, who scoured the issue looking for sour notes, and Michaela Steed, who pulled it together into one big pleasing package.

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