Born To Be Wild

As a onetime Young Person myself, it's my great delight to work with Young People here at the Tucson Weekly. They are different than I was at their age, the Young People. They drink craft beers and eat avocado toast and meet each other through apps on their phones. I'm sure they do lots of other things, too, but those are the bits that really stand out.

Since they know more about what Young People like than I do, they've assembled a guide of what every Wildcat should do before they graduate. Welcome to Tucson, new Young People! May you enjoy your college years, get good grades and continue to stimulate the Tucson economy.

Here's something else that Young People do: They listen to different music than I do! We have a lot of music coming our way over Labor Day weekend, when the gang at Club Congress throw the annual HOCO Fest. This year's festival features more than ever, at more venues than ever. The fun starts on Wednesday, Aug. 28 and runs through the weekend. We round up a bunch of what's happening in this week's Music section.

Elsewhere in the book this week: Our staffers tell UA students where they should grab a bite; associate editor Jeff Gardner checks out the new arts colony that Steve Eye of downtown's Solar Culture Gallery has founded on Tucson's east side; staff writer Kathleen Kunz looks at how the city is moving toward electric buses; columnist Tom Danehy remembers the late Sam Borozan; movie critic Bob Grimm has a lot of fun watching Good Boys; sex columnist Dan Savage has a bunch of quickies for you this week; and there's the usual collection of columns to guide you through all the fun there is to be had for both young and old.

See you at HOCO!

—Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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