Boredom Not Allowed

Some answers to questions you may or may not have:

• So when does the Best of TucsonTM come out? It hits the streets, as we say in the biz, on Sept. 25.

• And when is Club CrawlTM? The fall version of our twice-a-year music festival will rock downtown on Oct. 11.

• Great. So how should I vote in the primary on Tuesday, Sept. 2? Sheesh. Make up your own mind, for crying out loud. If you need more information, meander over to, our delightful and splendid election Web site. And if you're still undecided, you can review our endorsement picks in this issue.

• OK. Will my vote really count anyway? Who knows? Read more about local election-integrity issues--and how those issues may be causing strife within the local Democratic Party--in this issue.

• After I vote, how should I spend Labor Day weekend? Boy, do you have options, ranging from getting massages and listening to music on behalf of good causes (see City Week) to rocking out at Hotel Congress' HoCo festival (more on that in Music). If none of that fits your fancy, you can go eat sushi (Chow) or go see the latest Don Cheadle movie (Cinema).

• But what if I am still bored after all of that? Flip to our opinion section, where you can relive the Olympics with Tom Danehy or ride along with Irene Messina as she talks to racecar driver Karen Heyse.

• Wow. That's a lot of stuff. Thanks! Anytime. We're just doing our jobs, after all.

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