Bloodcocks UK: Bloodcocks UK (Wood Shampoo)

Here's some fucked-up shit for the nonfamily.

Bloodcocks UK is a Las Vegas porno-punk band that refuses to play in the U.S. Instead, the trio (or quartet, if you count blow-up doll/stage dancer Annie Bloodcock) tours Japan, playing sold-out shows and basking in overseas stardom. Frontman Bloody Bloodcock (like The Ramones, everyone has the same last name) owns bars in Vegas and New York, so it's not like these guys can't find a dive in which to perform. Or maybe Bloody doesn't want to scare away paying customers with live renditions of songs like—oh, boy—"Cunt Cunt."

Regardless, Bloodcocks UK just, um, came off a Japanese tour and recently released in the United States a self-titled debut with 14 tracks of way-too-cheeky comedy-horror rock. Imagine GG Allin with a Land of the Rising Sun fetish and a sense of humor, and you get a rough idea of what Bloodcocks UK dispense. Or maybe sonically picture Glenn Danzig trapped in a garage with a DVD box set of Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco's deranged works and a towering stack of hard-core penetration mags.

It's difficult to cite the gory XXX lyrics of 2 1/2-chord songs like "Tokyo Pop Shot" and "Godzilla Go-Go." But perhaps these couplets from "Zombie Porn" will tantalize: "Got no blood / Her tits are green / '70s bush / On a living dead fiend." Or not.

For those with profoundly outré taste only, please. Stream and order Bloodcocks UK's CD at, or buy via iTunes.