Bless You!

Some notes worth noting this week:

• We've received a number of interesting responses to last week's announcement that we're looking for a medical-marijuana critic. Most of those responses have been complimentary, with only one negative bit of feedback, from someone who also had this to say about the Tucson Weekly: "The mag you represent is so one sided you are considered the Beck of liberal media and it displays the worst of the worst. I may be a fucking dick but I don't display it for the masses. The whole mag runs on a sex column, a pissed off Mexican, legalized and recreational drug use and a bunch of right wing slander."

After that screed, I thanked him for reading the Weekly. He responded by threatening to throw away every copy of the paper that he could find. I replied that doing so is illegal.

We do so love the attention.

Anyway, as of this writing, I have not gotten very many applications for the marijuana-critic gig itself. If you're interested, find the deets here.

• In other news: Voting for the Best of Tucson® continues, as does voting in Round 1 of our Tucson Area Music Awards, aka TAMMIES.

As of this writing, we've received about 800 Best of Tucson® ballots, and about 450 TAMMIES ballots. If you've voted already, please accept my sincere thanks; if you haven't, slacker, head on over to, and do so, please. Thanks!

• And now, a random thought: I have sneezed approximately 17 times as I have been writing this Editor's Note. Is it just me, or has this been one helluva allergy season so far?

Gotta go. Sneeze No. 18 is a-comin'.