Blackwood and Co.: Bald as Love (Self-Released)

Tucson locals Clif Taylor and Lucas Moseley, veterans of everything from The Pork Torta (where Moseley plays drums and sings) to Chick Cashman (Taylor's loungy alter-ego), have teamed up for Blackwood and Co., a combo dedicated to putting some rock in their funk, and some funk in their rock. And on their new CD, Bald as Love—recorded by just the two of them, although they've since fleshed out into a full band with Moseley as the front man—they do just that, so stand back and feel the love, ya'll.

Blackwood and Co. mean bizniz, the bizniz of having a sleazy good time. Sometimes that means rock ("I'm Not Afraid," "Hard-Workin' Man"); sometimes that means funked-up rock ("Picnic Basket," "Leave It on the Floor"); and sometimes that means their own twisted Tucson version of funk. Bald as Love seriously starts to funk it up with "Summer Lea Rose," a shout-out to Moseley's ladyfriend, powered by Taylor's wah-wah guitar. "Blackwood's Theme" is a minimalist two-note wonder, with Moseley's spoken storyline ("I went to a party the other night / In Barrio Volvo ... They were playing Da-jango on the stereo") over a drum machine and more amazing wah-wah from Taylor, who likes his guitar effects so much, he made a movie about them.

Even better are the groovy, organ-driven instrumental "Seeds" and the Barry White-meets-Blackwood and Co. epic "All the Wine," a future classic for sure. The capper is X-rated rapper Blowfly literally phoning in his part for "Everybody Go Crazy."

Blackwood and Co.—a go-go!

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