Best Of Tucson®

Beyond Bread Bakery/Cafe

Best of Tucson® 2010 Perennial Winner

Fresh is Always in Style at Beyond Bread Bakery/Cafe

"The bread is so tasty, my kids think it's homemade!"

Back in 1960, you could buy a loaf of bread for 20 cents. Times have changed, but you can still find good, old-fashioned baked bread. Opened by Shelby and Randie Collier in February 1998, Beyond Bread has won Best of Tucson™ "Best Fresh-Baked Bread" since 1999.

"We make all our bread from scratch with no preservatives or chemicals," explains Shelby Collier. "We use high-quality products. ... We really pride ourselves on our fresh breads made that day."

Taste buds can delight in myriad choices: From the tried-and-true white, wheat and rye to creative combinations like cranberry pecan, kalamata olive or brie, scallion and chive. Collier says the best-selling

varieties are multigrain and rustic.

The hands that make the loaves need not be those of previous bread makers, explains Collier. He looks for people who care about making a good product and who take pride in it. Beyond Bread also publishes basic elements of the bread-making process on their site,

Additional items are added to the menu, with the latest being soup-and-salad combos. Holidays are celebrated with special creations such as hot cross buns at Easter, panettone at Christmas and King Cake for Mardi Gras.

As of press time, a third Beyond Bread location is being built at the corner of Ina and Oracle roads—where a Blockbuster video store once stood. With northwest, central and east locations, a good loaf of freshly baked bread is never far away.

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