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Best Eight Inches You'll Ever Get in Your Life

Tania's "33" Dos Mundos

You walk in and almost always are welcomed by owner Rudy Lira instantly treating you like family. Keep in mind this place still feels and looks like the same place as when it opened its doors in 1987. Of course it has been repainted and what not but it still feels like home. Right away Rudy explains your options at Tanias—especially when it comes down to the tasty eight-inch Sonoran-style burritos. But first you have to choose the size of your burrito—small, medium, large or, wait for it, extra large. Then you can fill your burrito with meat or vegetarian/vegan fillings—like vegetarian chorizo. Plus, you can choose three extra items to be added to your burrito for free and the list is really endless.

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