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Zoe Boutique

We have it on good authority that the real agenda of this otherwise unassumingly charming boutique can be gleaned from its original signage, which contained the letters "m," "b," and "i" between the "o" and the "e." You see where we're going with this? It may be hard to believe that the purveyors of contemporary and tasteful (younger) women's fashions behind Zoe could actually be undead cerebrum-cravers, but go ahead: We dare you to attend one of their bi-monthly art-opening events, and then come back and report on whether you still have a noodle up in ya dome. Better yet, attempt to sample something from the store's wide array of jeans, tops and dresses during regular business hours (11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday), and see if you come back with yo' cap intact. One thing's for sure--you may end up undead, but you'll look all zombie-hott when you're decked out in Zoe style.

Runners up:

2. Maya Palace, 6332 E. Broadway Blvd., 748-0817; 2960 N. Swan Road, No. 133, 325-6411; 7057 N. Oracle Road, 575-8028;

3. Pour Moi, 1865 E. River Road, No. 141, 577-6351,

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