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Cele Peterson's / Zoe

Why, hello there, Ms. Smythe-Wampeter. It is I, Ramon, your "houseboy." Let me drink you in. I see you are wearing Dior. Did I not see a similar item at Ms. Cele Peterson's earlier this week? Why, it's practically scandalous of you to expose your shoulder like that. Here, let me get some cocoa butter before you put burn to your alabaster perfection. Yes, Ms. Smythe-Wampeter, I'd love to see you model your latest purchases from the new Chanel collection. Allow me to pour myself some bitters first, yes? There, that's better. And for you? A mint julep? How appropriate--it matches the sheen of your new pantsuit.

Flappers who seek to update their wardrobes should Charleston on over to Fourth Avenue straightaway. An unassuming storefront a few shimmies south of University Boulevard houses Zoe, the jewel in Tucson's fashion brooch. You won't find any dowdy cloche hats or uncomfortable garters here; the shelves and racks are lined with colorful, trendy frocks, designer jeans and trousers from the finest names in fashion. From Cosabella lingerie to Miss Sixty shoes, there is something at Zoe for every savvy dame. The occasional sales are worth watching for, too. So cancel your plans for the afternoon, because shopping at Zoe is more fun than making moonshine in your bathtub!

Runner up: Maya Palace, 7057 N. Oracle Road, 575-8028; 6332 E. Broadway Blvd., 748-0817; 2960 N. Swan Road, 325-6411

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