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Best Women's Fashions (locally owned)

Maya Palace

Why hello, Mrs. Gutierrez-Smith. For a second, I didn't recognize you, because the sun glinted off all your turquoise and blinded me. I see you've been to Maya Palace, home of fashions and jewelry that cater to women of a certain age. What's that? I know, I was just about to mention Maya Palace's youngish joie de vivre. I say, you give us men a pause in your flowing, shimmery pantsuit! Such rich purples and crimsons! Designer Constance West sure knows how to use a lot of fabric, doesn't she? It's like she's distilling parachutes into outfits. Of course you agree. Here, have some mint tea and tell me more about your shopping trip. You say the Belinda's Designs wedding "dress" is on sale? You mean the one that looks like Laurence Fishburne's Matrix outfit, only white? I'll have to pass that along to my Aunt Martha. It is amazing what can be done with rayon these days! Well, you'll sure be in style back on the hacienda. But you'll have a hard time keeping the pool boy from getting fresh!

Runners up:

2. Cele Peterson's, 4811 E. Grant Road, 323-9413

3. TIE

  • Creations, 444 N. Fourth Ave., 622-8251
  • Hydra Leather and More, 145 E. Congress St., 791-3711
  • Zoe, 735 N. Fourth Ave., 740-1201

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