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Best Westside Eatery to Help Survive a Monsoon

Sonoran Delights

Sure, we can make excuses that raspados in this city should be eaten all year long, but in reality monsoon was made for raspados, or maybe the other way around. Either way there's probably a myth somewhere that coyote descended on the valley with monsoon and introduced her to raspados. A love blossomed and it possibly happened on the west side at Sonoran Delights. This is a little Menlo Park neighborhood establishment that's more than just raspados. There are great tacos and even pretty tasty breakfast burritos. They also churn out bag after bag of Tostito preparado, but remember it's the raspados that help make monsoon a celebration. If you need a good excuse to feel that desert love, head out west, sit on the restaurant's patio and toast the monsoon sky and air.