Best Of Tucson®

Best Way To Add A Little Glamour To Tucson

Wear Lillie Strout's Jewelry!

Tucson Puppet Works

111 E. Congress St.

STAFF PICK: Throw on your strappy high-heel sandals, grab your silky little beaded handbag and head downtown to grab yourself some glamour! Lillie Strout's beads are now available on Congress Street at Tucson Puppet Works. Gaze over these shiny and delicate creations and imagine yourself living in a city where people really get dressed up. They will look fabulous sparkling and twinkling seductively across your neck or adorning your bedside table--where they can be the first lovely thing you see in the morning. Wear them even while skateboarding to the co-op and, who knows, maybe we'll start a glamour revolution.