Best Of Tucson®

Best Wallflower Deli

Bob's Deli

2516 N. Campbell Ave.

STAFF PICK: With a homely name like Bob's Deli, no wonder this place is a wallflower. But just as the girl in the corner at the seventh-grade dance turned out to be a gem, what a wealth of personality hides behind Bob's shy, unpretentious exterior! We're always amazed when we stop in at Bob's and find the leanest pastrami and freshest rye bread in town. Bob's doesn't beckon with flashy gimmicks, trendy signs or terra-cotta tones. It's a simple storefront with some Wildcat posters. An old-fashioned deli counter sits at one end of the long room. And from the first glimpse, the menu looks fairly Plain Jane. Apparently what's neglected in image is made up for in flavor and freshness. The chicken salad is creamy and tasty, the Italian sub is a meal, and the "home-cooked" roast beef is juicy and savory. Prices are old-fashioned, too: $3.55 for a sandwich. Some extras on the menu include homemade pie, brownies and stuffed tomatoes. Oh yeah -- and how long has it been since you saw anyone serve a Braunsweiger sandwich, let alone on white bread?